CERN CinéClub - 17.10.2013- In the Mirror of Maya Deren

In the Mirror of Maya Deren

Directed by Martina Kudlácek

 (Austria/Czech Republic/Switzerland/Germany))

With IN THE MIRROR OF MAYA DEREN, documentary filmmaker Martina Kudlácek has fashioned not only fascinating portrait of a groundbreaking and influential artist, but a pitch-perfect introduction to her strikingly beautiful and poetic body of work. Crowned "Fellini and Bergman wrapped in one gloriously possessed body" by the L.A. Weekly, Maya Deren is arguably the most important and innovative avant-garde filmmaker in the history of American cinema. Using locations from the Hollywood hills to Haiti, Deren made such mesmerizing films as AT LAND, RITUAL IN TRANSFIGURED TIME and her masterpiece MESHES OF THE AFTERNOON. The soundtrack to this documentary was made by the avant-garde composer John Zorn.