CERN CinéClub - 21.11.2013 - Death of a Cyclist

Death of a Cyclist

Directed by Juan Antonio Bardem (Spain, 1955) 88 minutes

Regarded as “extremely dangerous” by Spanish censors and forbidden for display for some time, Death of a Cyclist is a superb film that helped its director, Juan Antonio Bardem, make a name in international cinema spheres. It portraits the story of a housewife and a professor, that accidentally run over a cyclist while driving back to Madrid after their illicit tryst. In order for their affaire not to be revealed, they drive away, leaving the victim to die. The Hitchcock-like plot is built around the tension of the crime being unveiled. The film won the FIPRESCI Award at the 1955 Cannes Film Festival.

Original version Spanish; English subtitles