Official communications

Procedure for obtaining VISAs for Switzerland and France - signature rights

26 Jan 2015 – Switzerland and France facilitate the entry of members of the Organization’s personnel on to their territories

Health insurance for users and other associated members of the personnel

26 Jan 2015 – A new health insurance option for Associated Members of the Personnel (including users): Allianz Worldwide Care Healthcare Plan for CERN MPAs

To all members of personnel in receipt of remuneration from CERN

26 Jan 2015 – In 2015 net monthly remuneration will be paid into individual bank accounts on the following dates

Extension of the pre-retirement programmes

15 Dec 2014 – The Progressive Retirement Programme and the Scheme of Part-Time Work as a Pre-retirement Measure have each been extended by one year

Official holidays in 2015 and end-of-year closure 2015/2016

15 Dec 2014 – Official holidays in 2015 and end-of-year closure 2015/2016 (Application of Articles R II 4.38 and R II 4.39 of the Staff Regulations)

Administrative circular no. 2 (rev. 6)

15 Dec 2014 – Recruitment, appointment and possible developments regarding the contractual position of staff members (1 january 2015)

Annual adjustments to 2015 financial benefits

15 Dec 2014 – No adjustments have been made to basic salaries and stipends, subsistence allowances or family benefits as at 1 January 2015

CERN Health Insurance Scheme (CHIS) monthly contributions – changes for 2015

15 Dec 2014 – The CERN Council decided in December 2010 to progressively increase the level of contributions over the period 2011-2015

End-of-year closure 2014/2015

5 Dec 2014 – As announced in Bulletin 6-7/2014, the Laboratory will be closed from Saturday 20 December 2014 to Sunday 4 January 2015 inclusive

Pension payment dates in 2015

28 Nov 2014 – The pension payment dates for next year are also available on the Pension Fund website


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