A collaborative adventure

Rolf Heuer, 20 Jan 2014 There’s much to look forward to in 2014 – let’s make it another safe and successful year at CERN, says Director-General Rolf Heuer

Solid groundwork underlies a high-profile year

Rolf Heuer, 19 Dec 2013 This year has shown how decades of diligent groundwork lay the foundations for success, says CERN Director-General Rolf Heuer

Ringing the changes in the ombuds office

Rolf Heuer, 10 Dec 2013 After three and a half years in office as CERN’s first Ombuds, the time has come for Vincent Vuillemin to pass on the baton

Towards the next chapter

Rolf Heuer, 25 Nov 2013 The time has come for CERN to start seriously considering the options for its post-LHC future

Energy for sustainable science

Frédérick Bordry, 1 Nov 2013 Frédérick Bordry, chair of the second workshop on Energy for Sustainable Science, on how CERN is contributing to the Sustainable Science conversation

CERN Stakeholder Relations Office

Rolf Heuer, 1 Nov 2013 Scientists, politicians, the public, students, our neighbours, you: these groups of people all have a stake in CERN, and all are important to us

A Nobel prize for particle physics

Rolf Heuer, 14 Oct 2013 Wherever you are in the global particle physics community, you too can feel a sense of pride in the achievement of a Nobel for Higgs and Englert

Health and safety first

Rolf Heuer, 27 Sep 2013 A strategic crisis management plan will help the laboratory to focus on health and safety should a major incident occur

Why bring back the line-mode browser?

Dan Noyes, 19 Sep 2013 A team of web developers are working to build a simulator of one of the earliest web browsers, the line-mode browser

Streamlining the path from physics to medicine

Rolf Heuer, 2 Sep 2013 CERN is to open a new office for medical applications


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