Summer at CERN - a time to make friends

Rolf Heuer, 12 Aug 2013 This year CERN welcomed 276 summer students, including 133 from non-member states

Summertime for physicists

Rolf Heuer, 29 Jul 2013 Summer for particle physicists is the season for “summer conferences” and the past week saw two big meetings in full swing

Envisioning better health

Manjit Dosanjh, 26 Jul 2013 Manjit Dosanjh, CERN's life sciences advisor and member of the Knowledge Transfer group, explains benefits of multidisciplinary conferences for health

UN observer status: A chance to re-engage

Rolf Heuer, 15 Jul 2013 Director-General Rolf Heuer on his first major UN forum since CERN was granted observer status

LS1: "Safety, quality, schedule"

Rolf Heuer, 28 Jun 2013 Just as Olympic marathon runners have a motto, so the athletes of LS1 work to the mantra of "Safety, Quality, Schedule," says Rolf Heuer

How the internet came to CERN

François Flückiger, 27 Jun 2013 François Flückiger on his being inducted to the Internet Hall of Fame, and the story of how the internet came to CERN

Driving change with bicycles

Jens Vigen, 27 Jun 2013 Jens Vigen reflects on the number of CERN people turning to cycling, and how this might drive change

Why energy talks at CERN?

Frédérick Bordry, 21 Jun 2013 There are many things that can be done to manage energy in a way that makes science sustainable, says Technology department head Frédérick Bordry

A new Director for Fermilab

Rolf Heuer, 20 Jun 2013 Today, Fermilab announced that Nigel Lockyer will be their new Director. And a very good choice they have made, says CERN Director-General Rolf Heuer

BE-KT Innovation Day

Paul Collier, 20 Jun 2013 A departmental innovation day is a good way to promote and foster knowledge transfer, says Paul Collier of the Beams department


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