Together in the same direction

Rolf Heuer, 18 Jun 2013 This week gave us two strong examples of global collaboration in particle physics, says Rolf Heuer

A shower of good news

Rolf Heuer, 3 Jun 2013 It's been a busy week of good news for CERN

The value of collaboration

Paolo Petagna, 23 May 2013 Collaborating with external partners can help to bridge the gap between basic science and society, says Paolo Petagna

New awards for CERN science

Rolf Heuer, 20 May 2013 The LHC featured highly in the High Energy and Particle Physics prizes for 2013 from the European Physical Society

Multiplying dimensions

Sergio Bertolucci, 17 May 2013 CERN’s director for research and computing Sergio Bertolucci on why he's a confirmed fan of TED talks

Twenty years of a free and open www

Robert Cailliau, 30 Apr 2013 Robert Cailliau on the birth of the web, early brainstorming sessions and "how to spread this thing"

The open internet and the web

Vinton G Cerf, 30 Apr 2013 Vinton G Cerf, one of the "Fathers of the internet", on the architecture, connectivity and openness of the web

Our universe is yours

Rolf Heuer, 22 Apr 2013 The message we want to pass to our visitors on our open days, and at the inauguration of Passport to the Big Bang, is that “Our universe is yours”

A bountiful spring harvest

Rolf Heuer, 8 Apr 2013 As CERN reaps a bountiful harvest from the LHC’s first three years of running, we are sowing the seeds for a bright future at our flagship facility

Learning from management outliers

Markus Nordberg, 21 Mar 2013 ATLAS resources coordinator Markus Nordberg explains why the Strategic Management Society is holding a conference at CERN


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