Sights and Sounds – Arts@CERN

Ariane Koek, 12 Mar 2013 CERN cultural specialist Ariane Koek gives a quick roundup of what's coming up for Arts@CERN

A new website for CERN

James Gillies, 7 Mar 2013 CERN's new website will be launched progressively over the coming weeks, replacing first the public website and eventually the users' website

Success and adaptation

Rolf Heuer, 18 Feb 2013 Rolf Heuer expresses his thanks to all the people who made this first LHC run such a success

Defining priorities

Rolf Heuer, 1 Feb 2013 Draft update to the Strategy for European Particle Physics

A lot to look forward to

Rolf Heuer, 21 Jan 2013 The proton-lead run will be short, and our main activity this year will be the start of the LHC’s first long shutdown

Another vintage year

Rolf Heuer, 21 Dec 2012 "This is the year that will go down in history as marking the first of the LHC’s major discoveries, a defining moment in the history of science"

A memorable week

Rolf Heuer, 17 Dec 2012 A Special Fundamental Physics Prize, handing over the CERN Council Presidency and a pilot run with 25 nanosecond bunch spacing made it a busy week

Particle physics: a valuable driver of innovation in medicine

Rolf Heuer, 3 Dec 2012 The 10th anniversary of ENLIGHT marks a good occasion a look back at the important contributions particle physics has made to medicine

Our top priority

Rolf Heuer, 19 Nov 2012 It is important to plan ahead, particularly since the lead times for new projects in particle physics are long, and our field is increasingly global

Towards a wider dialogue

Rolf Heuer, 22 Oct 2012 The recent Wilton Park meeting examined three very different world-views: science, philosophy and theology


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