Not at all vague and much more than exciting

Maria Dimou, 12 Mar 2014 CERN computer scientist Maria Dimou on Tim Berners-Lee's vision for a free, open World Wide Web

On the importance of mums - for the sake of science

Manjit Dosanjh, 7 Mar 2014 Mums can teach their daughters positive perceptions of knowledge and science, says Manjit Dosanjh

On female role models in science

Giulia Alice Fornaro, 7 Mar 2014 Inspirational female role models like Jocelyn Bell are important for young women in science, says CERN doctoral student Giulia Alice Fornaro

Collaboration at CERN: Greater than the sum of its parts

Agnieszka Zalewska, 6 Mar 2014 The president of Council offers a personal insight into the continuing attraction of collaboration with CERN

Celebrating diversity at CERN

Rolf Heuer, 3 Mar 2014 With international women’s day coming up, it's time to take a look at how far we’ve come over recent years in promoting gender equality at CERN

A celebration of science for peace

Rolf Heuer, 20 Feb 2014 At the start of CERN’s 60th anniversary year, the current director-general looks at the organization’s role in bringing nations together

The future is just around the corner

Rolf Heuer, 7 Feb 2014 This week and next see a series of meetings looking at the future of CERN, and indeed of particle physics, says Director-General Rolf Heuer

The observation of authentic make-believe monopoles

James Pinfold, 5 Feb 2014 MOeDAL spokesperson James Pinfold gives his own personal take on the recent announcements of the discovery of a synthetic Dirac monopole

A mid-term report for LS1

Rolf Heuer, 4 Feb 2014 As the LHC’s first long shutdown, LS1, enters its second calendar year, it’s a good time for a mid-term report on how things are progressing

When CERN goes out to meet people

Pauline Gagnon, 21 Jan 2014 Pauline Gagnon on talking about particle physics in the unlikeliest of places


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