Germany at CERN exhibit

Participants peruse the stands at the Germany at CERN exhibit (Image: Barbara Warmbein/CERN)

In collaboration with CERN, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is holding the 12th Industrial Exhibition “Germany at CERN” from 28 January through 29 January. Fifty-nine German companies will present their latest ideas and technologies for maintenance, renovation and expansion of the CERN accelerator complex to interested scientists and buyers.

It’s the first time an industrial exhibit is taking place in a (heated) tent just outside CERN’s restaurant, which was necessary to accommodate the largest gathering of German industrial representatives at CERN so far. The exhibitors specialize in a broad range of technical fields, with a majority of firms engaging in electronics and vacuums.

According to the German Industrial Liaison Officer Wolfgang Erdt, who is also coordinating the exhibit, there are already more than 260 meetings scheduled between interested parties at CERN and the German firms to discuss possible collaborations.

"The perspective of this event is to renew existing contacts, establish new links and find out about future collaboration possibilities. The High Luminosity upgrade at the LHC is a great opportunity also for those of the exhibitors that haven’t worked with CERN before," says Erdt.

The exhibit is open to visitors on Tuesday, 28 January from 11am to 5.30pm and on Wednesday, 29 January from 9am to 5pm.