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CLOUD experiment shines new light on climate change

7 Oct 2013 – The CLOUD experiment reports a major advance towards solving a long-standing enigma in climate science: how do aerosols form in the atmosphere?

Autumn issue of Accelerating News available

7 Oct 2013 – Issue 7 of Accelerating News, a quarterly publication for the accelerator community, is now available

Delicate gymnastics in the ATLAS cavern

2 Oct 2013 – The LHC’s first long shutdown has provided the opportunity for a major programme of consolidation and improvements on the ATLAS detector

LS1 report: Shielding operations

16 Sep 2013 – At the LHC, the SMACC project’s consolidation train has just entered Sector 7-8, the third sector to be consolidated

Strangely beautiful dimuons

10 Sep 2013 – A key observation at the LHC marks a major milestone in a 30-year-long journey

The challenge of keeping cool

3 Sep 2013 – The cryogenic system that cools the LHC's superconducting magnets is the largest and most advanced of its kind

The LHC’s first long run

30 Aug 2013 – Following the first 3.5 TeV collisions in March 2010, the LHC had three years of improving integrated luminosity

CERN Courier: September 2013 issue out now

27 Aug 2013 – The September issue takes a look behind the scenes at what underpinned the successful operation of the LHC during this first long run

Neutrino telescopes point towards exotic physics

13 Aug 2013 – With the IceCube and ANTARES telescopes completed, there was plenty to discuss at the second Workshop on Exotic Physics with Neutrino Telescopes

LS1 report: Cryogenic line goes through scanner

12 Aug 2013 – This week, teams have started X-raying the cryogenic line to examine its condition in detail

LS1 report: First missions accomplished

7 Aug 2013 – Things are going well in all the laboratory’s accelerators

The Tevatron's data continue to excite

1 Aug 2013 – Latest results from 10 years of proton–antiproton running.

The return of quarkonia

30 Jul 2013 – The physics of heavy quark–antiquark bound states is a long-standing puzzle, made more intriguing by results from the LHC.

Strangeness in Quark Matter 2013

23 Jul 2013 – The Strangeness in Quark Matter 2013 conference is taking place this week until 27 July in Birmingham, UK.

LS1 report: A hot summer

15 Jul 2013 – Work is progressing well on the new access and safety system being deployed across the accelerator chain

A mystery of the beauty baryon lifetime resolved

15 Jul 2013 – The LHCb Collaboration has just published an important precise measurement of the Λb beauty baryon lifetime

Searches for new physics with top quarks in CMS

9 Jul 2013 – Viola Sordini of the Universite Claude Bernard-Lyon, France, takes us through searches for new top-quark physics at CMS

Environmental applications of accelerators

27 Jun 2013 – HEPTech organises an academia-industry matching event on "Environmental applications of accelerators"

Summer issue of Accelerating News available

24 Jun 2013 – The June 2013 issue of Accelerating News, a quarterly publication for the accelerator community, is available

LS1 report: preparatory phase complete

20 Jun 2013 – The preparatory phase in the LHC which includes electrical and leak test is now completed


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