Moriond 2012

Moriond 2012: Conclusions from QCD week

20 Mar 2012 | Update - For scientists | On the final day of Quantum Chromodynamics week at Moriond, speakers emphasized the possibility of new physics with the LHC at 4TeV

Moriond 2012: Straight to the top

19 Mar 2012 | Update - For scientists | A variety of new measurements presented at Moriond are helping physicists to close in on the mass of the top quark

Moriond 2012: "Dark matter" signal was no cosmic muon

16 Mar 2012 | Update - For scientists | Theorists refute claim against DAMA/LIBRA

Moriond 2012: Uncertain signals from the Higgs boson

6 Mar 2012 | Update - For scientists | Some of the most recent analyses of the Higgs searches were presented yesterday at the Moriond QCD conference

LHCb experiment squeezes the space for expected new physics

5 Mar 2012 | Update - For the public | Results presented at the Moriond conference by LHCb put stringent limits on the current theory of particle physics, the Standard Model

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