Annual adjustments to 2014 financial benefits

6 Jan 2014 | Official communication | No adjustments have been made to basic salaries and stipends, subsistence allowances or family benefits as at 1 January 2014

Pension payment dates in 2014

6 Jan 2014 | Official communication | Here are the pension payment dates for this year

Curious about how the pension fund is securing your future?

16 Sep 2013 | Update - For CERN people | Antonella del Rosso | The latest addition to the Pension Fund's push for transparency is the publication of the Annual Investment Report on the Pension Fund website

Joint advisory appeals board

12 Aug 2013 | Official communication | The Joint Advisory Appeals Board has examined an internal appeal

Annual Information Meeting of the Pension Fund

8 Aug 2013 | Official communication | To be held in the CERN Council chamber on Wednesday 11 September

Pension Fund wins two international awards

19 Dec 2012 | Update - For CERN people | Antonella del Rosso | The Fund won one award for Best Risk Management Solutions, and another for Industry Innovation

Annual general-information meeting of the CERN pension fund

2 Jul 2012 | Official communication | All members and beneficiaries of the pension fund are invited to the annual information meeting in the CERN council chamber on 12 September

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