Knitted gifts

CERN's Jens Vigen, John Ellis and Mick wearing hand-knitted sweaters

5 Feb 2014 | Image | Jens Vigen, John Ellis and Mick Storr model their CERN-themed knitwear, gifts from Norwegian teachers who visited the lab with their students

Visiting CERN for more than just the logical stuff

9 Jul 2013 | Update - For students & educators | Ashley WennersHerron | Make-A-Wish visitor Callum Kerr had his dream come true with a trip to CERN

Morgan Freeman in the tunnel

US actor Morgan Freeman at CERN

21 Mar 2013 | Image | US actor Morgan Freeman visited the LHC tunnel yesterday before hosting the Fundamental Physics Prize ceremony in Geneva

Tunnel tour

People wearing hard hats visiting the LHC tunnel

8 Mar 2013 | Image | Raymond Veness, an engineer in the Beams Department, explains some of the workings of the LHC to visitors in the tunnel

Glasgow students visit CERN

25 Sep 2012 | Update - For students & educators | Twelve students from the east end of Glasgow visited CERN on a trip organized by the Ogden Trust

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