3 May/23
08:00 - 21:00 (Europe/Zurich)

LHC Job Matching Event (JMEv) Spring '23

The LHC Early Career Scientists Fora (LHC ECSF) presents the:

LHC Job Matching Event (JMEv) Spring '23


General Format

The JMEv will consist of multiple online job matching sessions, where each session is joined by:

  • One recruiter offering a job in High Energy Physics, on a LHC experiment;
  • Two members of the LHC Early Career Scientists Fora serving as moderators;
  • A small group of job seekers who currently work on an LHC experiment and are interested in the job being offered. The group is kept small to promote an effective discussion.


Recruiters will share slides prior to the start of the event. The slides should outline details of the job vacancy and provide various information about their group. Job seekers may then choose which sessions to attend, and are expected to be familiar with the contents of the job offer by the time the session starts. A job seeker can attend sessions of multiple recruiters.

Each session will start with flash presentations (3 minutes long) given by each of the job seekers to provide a bit more information about their research and any other relevant experience. 

Job seekers: please do not show any plots or results that are internal to your experiment – only PUBLIC results are allowed to be included in your slides or spoken about! 

If you are unsure about what you can or cannot show, please get in touch with us before the sessions.

The recruiter will then have a chance to add some information related to the job being offered and/or discuss in more detail the information provided in advance. The remainder of the session will be used for Q&A, where job seekers are encouraged to actively participate. The sessions will be held via Zoom.

The event will also include a motivational talk (speaker to be announced soon). More information about the speaker and their talk will be made available on the Indico and there will also be time for Q&A afterwards.


Time and dates

The JMEv is scheduled for the Wednesday 3rd May. The times of the sessions will be dependent on the number of participants, as well as on their availability. As a general rule, two time slots will be predefined for each session, according to the availability of the recruiter: one in the morning and one in the afternoon (Central European Summer Time). This is to accommodate job seekers who live in different time zones. Job seekers interested in that particular session will be asked in which, if any, of the sessions they are willing to participate.


How to get in touch

The JMEv is organized by a team of volunteers, members of the LHC Early Career Scientists Fora, which comprises the ALICE Junior Representatives, ATLAS Early Career Scientist Board, CMS Young Scientists Committee and the LHCb Early Career, Gender and Diversity Office. 

If you have questions or would like to offer a job at this event, please contact us, the LHC Job Matching Event Organisers, at

In case you would like to give us a hand in organizing events like this in the future, or simply want to become part of a dynamic team of early career scientists, please contact the LHC Early Career Scientists Fora at 


See you at the JMEv Spring 2023!