2 May/24
13:30 - 14:30 (Europe/Zurich)

New Directions for Model Building


4/3-006 at CERN

It is widely appreciated that the Standard Model is incomplete.
Yet, and despite of significant experimental efforts, clear-cut
signatures for new physics are unavailable. Also, theory guidance
beyond the paradigms of asymptotic freedom or effective theories
is scarce.
In this context, I propose to turn the quest for vacuum stability
into a primary model building task. The rationale for this is
that while the onset of the SM instability around $10^{11}$ GeV is
a high energy effect, its solution may arise from any scale below the
Planck scale. Using the renormalisation group, I explain perturbative
mechanisms for stability and sketch out the landscape of Planck-safe
models. I further discuss models that additionally explain electron
and muon g-2 anomalies, signatures at colliders, and connections to
models with interacting UV fixed points.

Refs: 2207.07737, 2305.18520, 2401.08811