5 Jun/24
09:00 (Europe/Zurich)
Ends: 13 Jun/24 19:45

NuSTEC 2024 summer school



The goal of this school is to train the next generation of scientists working on neutrino–nucleus interactions through lectures given by world leaders in the field, discussion sessions, and tutorials. Lecture topics will include theoretical modeling of neutrino–nucleus interactions in various energy regimes, neutrino cross section measurements, Monte Carlo simulation, and physics at long-baseline neutrino experiments.

NuSTEC (the “Neutrino Scattering Theory Experiment Collaboration”, is a collaboration of scientists from a broad range of backgrounds united by the common goal of improving our understanding of the dynamics through which neutrinos interact with matter. This is crucial especially in the context of upcoming large neutrino experiments like DUNE, HyperKamiokande, FASERν, SND@LHC, Fermilab’s short-baseline neutrino program, and many others. In these experiments, cross section uncertainties are the main driver of systematics, so any improvement will immediately benefit their scientific potential. The way to achieve this is through a combination of dedicated measurements (for instance at NA61/SHINE) and a vigorous theoretical effort.

Application deadline: February 29, 2024

Registration fee: 200 CHF (to be paid upon acceptance of application)  
This fee covers coffee breaks and social activities, but not accommodation at the CERN hostel (58 CHF/night for single rooms, 77 CHF/night for twin rooms) and no meals (10–15 CHF/meal at the CERN restaurants). Limited financial support is available. If you would like to apply for financial support, please send a message to explaining why support is needed, and to what extent.

Lecturers include:

  • Stephen Dolan
  • Megan Friend
  • Huma Haider
  • Deborah Harris
  • Minoo Kabirnezhad
  • Kevin Kelly
  • Lukas Koch
  • Aaron Meyer
  • Kajetan Niewczas
  • Luke Pickering
  • Ryan Plestid
  • Hallsie Reno
  • Noemi Rocco
  • Ivan Vitev
  • Clarence Wret

Organizing committee  
Vedran Brdar
Albert de Roeck  
Joachim Kopp
Laura Munteanu
International advisory committee 
Artur Ankowski 
Adi Ashkenazi 
Stephen Dolan 
Vishvas Pandey 
Joanna Sobczyk 
Clarence Wret
Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz




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