10 May/23
14:00 - 15:00 (Europe/Zurich)

Quantum simulation, control and calibration using Qibo


Online at CERN

We present the latest developments of Qibo, a full-stack and open-source framework for quantum computing. Qibo was initially born as a quantum circuit simulation tool, but over time we have developed new packages, through which quantum control (qibolab) and quantum calibration (qibocal) can be performed.

Through its modular layout for backend abstraction it is possible to change efforlessy between different backends, including an high-performance simulator based on just-in-time compilation able to simulate quantum circuits with large number of qubits (greater than 35). Again due to its modularity, qibo can easily be adopted as a tool for controlling and calibrating self-hosted quantum devices.

Our framework is designed for the research world; therefore, after briefly describing it, we will present some examples of work developed using Qibo in which we show the convenience of having access to a tool which can be used to design and test full-stack quantum algorithms.

About the speaker

Matteo Robbiati graduated in Physics from Università degli Studi di Milano in September 2022. In the same year he started his Ph.D. at the same university and based at CERN, as Doctoral student for the QTI-TH branch. His research is focused on Quantum Machine Learning algorithms for HEP, hardware-compatible optimization techniques and numerical simulation.  He is also part of the Qiboteam, in which he participates as a core-developer of Qibo, a full-stack framework for quantum simulation, control and calibration.