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Update type English Français For the public For the CERN community
News home.cern/api/news/news/feed.rss home.cern/fr/api/news/news/feed.rss
Press release home.cern/api/news/press-release/feed.rss home.cern/fr/api/news/press-release/feed.rss
Feature home.cern/api/news/feature/feed.rss home.cern/fr/api/news/feature/feed.rss
Announcement home.cern/api/news/announcement/feed.rss home.cern/fr/api/news/announcement/feed.rss
Official news home.cern/api/news/official-news/feed.rss home.cern/fr/api/news/official-news/feed.rss
Opinion home.cern/api/news/opinion/feed.rss home.cern/fr/api/news/opinion/feed.rss
All updates home.cern/api/news/feed.rss home.cern/fr/api/news/feed.rss

By category

Category English Français
Physics home.cern/api/topic/physics/feed.rss home.cern/fr/api/topic/physics/feed.rss
Experiments home.cern/api/topic/experiments/feed.rss home.cern/fr/api/topic/experiments/feed.rss
Accelerators home.cern/api/topic/accelerators/feed.rss home.cern/fr/api/topic/accelerators/feed.rss
Engineering home.cern/api/topic/engineering/feed.rss home.cern/fr/api/topic/engineering/feed.rss
Computing home.cern/api/topic/computing/feed.rss home.cern/fr/api/topic/computing/feed.rss
Knowledge sharing home.cern/api/topic/knowledge-sharing/feed.rss home.cern/fr/api/topic/knowledge-sharing/feed.rss
At CERN home.cern/api/topic/at-cern/feed.rss home.cern/fr/api/topic/at-cern/feed.rss

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Tag URL English Français
<example-tag> home.cern/tags/<example-tag> home.cern/api/tag/<example-tag>/feed.rss home.cern/fr/api/tag/<example-tag>/feed.rss
Higgs boson home.cern/tags/higgs-boson home.cern/api/tag/higgs-boson/feed.rss home.cern/fr/api/tag/higgs-boson/feed.rss

Events aggregated from Indico

We pull in the following event categories from Indico.

ID Description General public CERN community Scientists Students Educators Media Industrial partners Policy makers
72 Academic training lecture regular programme X X X X X      
75 CERN colloquium X X X X X      
82 Computing seminars   X X          
84 Detector seminars   X X          
92 Science and Society   X X       X X
97 Summer student lecture programme   X X X X      
100 TH theoretical seminar   X X          
104 TH String Theory Seminar   X X          
115 ISOLDE seminar   X X          
167 CERN Computing Colloquium   X X X X      
374 TH Exceptional Seminar   X X          
375 TH Cosmo coffee   X X          
376 TH Informal Lattice Meeting     X          
379 TH Journal Club on String Theory     X          
830 ISOLDE workshops   X X          
1058 ACCU   X            
1174 WLCG workshops   X X          
1280 Library events   X X          
1546 TH Institutes     X X X      
1558 TH Informal seminar   X X          
1591 PH-ESE Electronics Seminars   X X          
1812 POCPA - power converters for particle accelerators   X X          
1916 ACAT Advanced computing....   X X          
2242 Staff Association Conferences   X            
2243 Staff Association Exhibitions   X            
2384 TH Conferences & Workshops   X X          
2387 TH BSM Forum   X X          
2510 HEPiX workshops   X X X X   X  
2689 LPCC workshops   X X          
2725 A&T seminar   X X X X      
2943 DITANET beam diagnostics     X          
3221 Collider cross talk   X X          
3247 EP Seminars   X X          
3249 LHC Seminar (PH)   X X          
3407 IT Technical Forum   X X       X  
3427 LHCC   X X          
3501 HR Public Meetings   X            
3900 ATLAS Outreach Public Workshops & Events X X   X X      
4147 CERN Official Schools   X   X X      
4212 ICFA workshops   X X          
4255 Openlab summer student lecture programme   X X X X   X  
4687 Diversity events X X            
5130 CLIC Workshops   X X          
5327 IdeaSquare - Workshops & Events X X X X X   X  
5482 Staff Association Public Meeting   X            
5616 EIROforum Instrumentation Schools       X X      
5699 CLIC Detector and Physics Workshops   X X          
6767 Commemorations X X X          
6798 HEP computing   X X          
6813 SPSC   X X          
7501 BE Seminars   X X          
7502 BI Seminars   X X          
7714 Staff Association General Assembly   X            
7823 GLOBE - Public Events X X   X X X X X
8022 Arts@CERN X X       X    
8140 DG presentations to personnel   X            
8142 Events for the CERN-based community   X            
9333 Alumni collisions   X         X  
9609 PBC Seminars   X X          
9645 Openlab Promoted Events X X X X X   X  
9700 KT Seminars X X X X X X X X
10101 PER Seminar   X     X      
10537 Press Briefing           X    
10538 Press Conference           X    
10539 Other Media events           X    
12909 QTI Lectures X X X X X