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Celebrating 60 years of CERN with the neighbours

This weekend, CERN is inviting residents of the local area to discover its installations

Celebrating 60 years of CERN with the neighbours

The first excavations for the CERN site in Meyrin, Switzerland on 17 May 1954 (Image: CERN)

This weekend, CERN is inviting round its neighbours! Facilities on three sites will be open to the inhabitants of Geneva and neighbouring France for the entire weekend. Many events will be taking place around the site of the CMS experiment in Cessy, (France).  In 1952, the Canton of Geneva was chosen from among four candidates to host CERN. The people of Geneva decided, by popular vote in June 1953, to endorse the establishment of the Laboratory on their doorstep, making way for the ground to be broken on the Meyrin site precisely 60 years ago, in May 1954. Since then, CERN has extended its footprint into France with the construction of cross-border underground accelerators. The Laboratory has an exceptional site, standing astride the border between two sovereign states. Inside the accelerators, particles whiz across this border tens of thousands of times a second ! CERN has forged tight links with both its Host States.

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