New results from the OPERA experiment

In a webcast today at 11am Giovanni De Lellis of INFN will present the latest oscillation results from the OPERA experiment

The OPERA experiment was designed to prove unambiguously muon to tau neutrino oscillations in appearance mode through the direct observation of tau neutrinos in a muon-neutrino beam produced at CERN.

OPERA uses a hybrid structure of electronic detectors and nuclear emulsions. Nuclear emulsions are used as sub-micrometric trackers capable of seeing both the production and decay vertices of the short lived (10-13 s) tau leptons. The experiment has been taking data for five years, since 2008. The analysis of the data is in progress.

In this seminar, Giovanni De Lellis of the University "Federico II" and INFN in Naples, Italy, reports the latest oscillation results of the experiment.

Watch the webcast