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Staying in touch? Giving back? Reaching out? This is for you

The CERN experience means so much more than the time spent in the Organization. The new Alumni programme provide a life-long connection with CERN


Staying in touch? Giving back? Reaching out? This is for you

Laure Esteveny, CERN Alumni Project Leader (standing) shares with the project team the steps that will lead to the programme launch planned in June. (Image: Max Brice/CERN)

Endorsed in June 2016 by the Management, the CERN Alumni Project has the wind in its sails and will be officially launched in June this year. Twenty project team members, from the departments and large collaborations, have contributed to the design of the programme, which was approved with the full support of the Director-General and the Enlarged Directorate in October, and which takes into account the challenges and complexities involved in building a brand new community. “We are working on providing an attractive and unique offer to our Alumni from day one,” explains Laure Esteveny, CERN Alumni Project Leader. “We aim at gathering a large number of members, whether they are former colleagues still working in academia, or who have set up their own businesses, or who have moved into completely different professional environments.”

The new programme targets a potential audience of over 10 000 people. Former users, associates, students, fellows, staff or anyone else who has held a contract, either of employment or association, with CERN may join the Alumni community by registering for the programme. Current members of personnel will also be able to register and interact with the alumni. Once a new web platform is launched in June, members of the CERN Alumni community will have access to exclusive professional learning opportunities and dedicated editorial content, as well as opportunities to exchange experiences and establish contacts with other members. “We want to build a very inclusive community, primarily based on the pride of having contributed to CERN’s scientific endeavours and providing an opportunity to maintain a link with the Organization, keep sharing its values and supporting its activities,” says Laure. “The new platform will provide a secure environment for the living network to create new connections. We hope to make it the primary channel for members to stay engaged with CERN. From computing related issues to communication, training, special offers, events and even volunteering opportunities… we have really tried to deal with all aspects related to establishing a unique High-Energy Network!”

Although the new site will only be available in about six months’ time, it is already possible to express an interest in becoming a member of the CERN Alumni Network by registering at alumni.cern or on the dedicated LinkedIn page. Over the coming months, the Office for Alumni Relations will keep those registered up-to-date with progress made until the actual launch. If you wish to start (or renew?) your life-long connection with CERN, get in touch!

Preliminary study on 280 ex-students (PhDs and PostDocs) who were working on the four main LHC experiments and left the High-Energy Physics field. (Students Career Study Group: P. Giacomelli, C. Bianchin, L. Iconomidou-Fayard, J.Niedziela, B.Sciascia)
The CERN Alumni project's making-of with Laure Esteveny and Rachel Bray. Video: Office for Alumni Relations, Jacques Fichet/CERN Video Productions