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Five CERN apprentices in the class of 2019

In 2019, five CERN technical apprentices* were awarded their certificat fédéral de capacité (CFC). After four years of training at CERN, four electronics technicians, Joris Busigny, Ludovic Duparc, Ilan Favre and Thibault Richoz, and one physics laboratory technician, Arthur Blaser, left the Laboratory.

At the start of the academic year in autumn 2019, six young people aged between 16 and 20 began their training, and the new category of polymechanic was introduced at CERN. The apprentices were hosted by the TE-MPE, TE-VSC, TE-MSC, TE-EPC, TE-CRG, EN-MME, BE-RF, BE-BI, EP-DT and EP-ESE groups at CERN, as well as by the Hôpitaux universitaires de Genève (HUG), the Centre d’enseignement professionnel de l’Union industrielle genevoise (CEP-UIG), the company LEM Switzerland and the Haute école du paysage, d'ingénierie et d'architecture de Genève (HEPIA).

Thanks go to the supervisors and the groups concerned, who are providing high-quality training to these young apprentices.

*CERN’s apprenticeship programme is coordinated by the TE department. For further information, please contact Virginia Prieto Hermosilla (TE-PPR).