ISOLDE sheds light on dying stars

3 Apr 2014 | Update - For the public | Dan Noyes | An experiment conducted at CERN's ISOLDE facility may help scientists better to understand the collapse of massive stars

Test Storage Ring could find new life at ISOLDE

25 Feb 2014 | Update - For the public | Barbara Warmbein | A particle accelerator from Heidelberg, Germany – the Test Storage Ring - may not be going into storage after all

Three young ISOLDE scientists win awards

6 Aug 2013 | Update - For CERN people | Ulrich Wahl | In less than a month three young scientists from ISOLDE's EC-SLI collaboration won awards at international conferences

Flying ventilators

18 Jul 2013 | Image | Sections of a new ventilation system are hoisted into place at the ISOLDE building on CERN's Meyrin site

CERN’s ISOLTRAP reveals new magic in the atomic nucleus

19 Jun 2013 | Update - For the public | The ISOLTRAP collaboration has measured the mass of exotic calcium nuclei using a new instrument installed at the ISOLDE facility at CERN

A fundamental property of the rarest element on Earth

14 May 2013 | Update - For the public | Cian O'Luanaigh | An international team of physicists at ISOLDE have for the first time measured the ionization potential of the rare radioactive element astatine

First observations of short-lived pear-shaped atomic nuclei

8 May 2013 | Update - For the public | Stephanie Hills | An international team at the ISOLDE radioactive-beam facility at CERN has shown that some atomic nuclei can assume asymmetric, "pear" shapes

Jurassic lark

A small inflatable dinosaur

24 Jan 2013 | Image | A Tyrannosaurus rex may seem an unlikely candidate to protect the ISOLDE facility - but he seems to be having a laugh

Therapeutic use of radioactive isotopes

23 Jan 2013 | Update - For CERN people | Caroline Duc | A study published in collaboration with ISOLDE-CERN confirms that certain terbium isotopes are effective in diagnosing and treating tumours

New ion trap extends reach of nuclide-mass experiment

17 Jan 2013 | Update - For CERN people | Caroline Duc | A new ion trap has been integrated into ISOLTRAP, the ISOLDE experiment that measures the mass of short-lived nuclides


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