25 Jul/24
15:30 - 17:00 (Europe/Zurich)

Cloud chamber workshop for students with a physics background


82/1-001B at CERN

After a brief introduction, students are instructed on how to build their own particle detector. Then they observe the tracks of particles made visible by the chamber. The session concludes with a group discussion facilitated by the guide and the lab clean-up. The session lasts 75-90 minutes in total.

Safety: Students must follow the safety rules specified by the guide and use the appropriate safety equipment provided. This experiment involves working with dry ice (approx. -80°C), isopropanol at >90% concentration, and working with torches in the dark.

Meeting point: The workshop takes place at Lab B at Science Gateway (level 1, 82-1-001B). Please meet your guide directly in front of lab B.