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Neutrinos: after the Nobel Prize, the hunt continues

6 Oct 2015 — The 2015 Nobel Prize for physics rewards the long quest for understanding of the elusive neutrino

Researchers' Night: Science at the shops

5 Oct 2015 — For European Researchers’ night, CERN organised “POPscience” at a local shopping centre.

High-school students become CERN physicists for a week

24 Sep 2015 — Winners of the Beamline for Schools competition perform their experiments at CERN

Antihydrogen at CERN: 20 years and going strong

24 Sep 2015 — In September 1995 physicists at CERN synthesised the first antihydrogen atoms, paving the way for today’s growing antimatter research

Upcoming events at CERN

23 Sep 2015 — As summer draws to a close, we look forward to the upcoming events at CERN and the surrounding area. Here are just a few of the events in store.

The birds and the beams: Biodiversity at CERN

21 Sep 2015 — Dedicated teams of professionals and nature enthusiasts alike are working to preserve the flora and fauna on CERN's diverse sites

CAST explores the dark side of the universe

18 Sep 2015 — The astroparticle experiment tracks the Sun morning and evening to search for particles of dark matter and dark energy

Professor Sijbrand de Jong elected President of CERN Council

18 Sep 2015 — Council today announced his election as its 22nd President for a period of one year renewable twice, with a mandate starting on 1 January 2016

Indie band Deerhoof experiment with sound at CERN

18 Sep 2015 — Last month, indie rockers Deerhoof battled with the noise of CERN’s magnet test facility in honour of the LHC’s ramp up to 13 TeV

New partnership encourages businesses to develop CERN tech

16 Sep 2015 — A Business Incubation Centre of CERN technologies agreement was signed today in conjunction with the Helsinki Institute of Physics.

Engineers refine protection system for LHC magnets

3 Sep 2015 — During this week's planned technical stop, engineers modify the electrical system that protects magnet components from high current

CERN summer students share their stories

2 Sep 2015 — This year the CERN Summer Student Programme welcomed 280 students from 83 countries

ATLAS and CMS experiments shed light on Higgs properties

1 Sep 2015 — At the 2015 LHCP conference the collaborations presented for the first time combined measurements of many properties of the Higgs boson

Photographers, capture behind-the-scenes at CERN

31 Aug 2015 — CERN and seven other physics laboratories open their doors to photographers for an international competition

CALET docks on the International Space Station

27 Aug 2015 — The CALorimetric Electron Telescope reached the ISS on 24 August. It will perform long-exposure observations of high-energy cosmic radiation

LHC progresses towards higher intensities

24 Aug 2015 — The LHC Operations team is tackling the challenges of a demanding beam regime with a series of rigorous tests

ALICE precisely compares light nuclei and antinuclei

17 Aug 2015 — The comparison, published today in Nature Physics, confirms a fundamental symmetry of nature to an unprecedented precision for light nuclei

BASE compares protons to antiprotons with high precision

12 Aug 2015 — In a paper published today in Nature, BASE reports the most precise comparison of the charge-to-mass ratio of the proton to the antiproton

A superconducting shield for astronauts

5 Aug 2015 — Magnetic shielding technology developed at CERN could protect astronauts from cosmic radiation in space

Pakistan becomes Associate Member State of CERN

31 Jul 2015 — Official notification that Pakistan has ratified the Association Agreement arrived at CERN this morning


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