CERN Updates

ATLAS physicist wins L'Oreal-UNESCO Women in Science award

4 Mar 2015 — Rajaâ Cherkaoui El Moursli, who leads a research team in Morocco for the ATLAS collaboration, is among this year's laureates

Build your own tiny Lego LHC

26 Feb 2015 — Vote online now for a Lego replica of the LHC, created by an ATLAS PhD student

Timelapse: LHC experiments prepare for restart

23 Feb 2015 — Watch a timelapse video of the huge LHC detectors ALICE, ATLAS, CMS and LHCb preparing to start up again

KiCad software gets the CERN treatment

17 Feb 2015 — Donations are helping CERN experts to turn KiCad software into an efficient tool for designing open-source hardware

CERN accelerators boost argon into action

16 Feb 2015 — The laboratory's accelerator chain is supplying an experiment with argon ions for the first time

CERN's two-year shutdown drawing to a close

13 Feb 2015 — Two years ago, CERN's accelerators and experiments shut down for maintenance, to prepare the LHC for running at 13 TeV

Video: How accelerators help us to see further

9 Feb 2015 — Lucio Rossi and Fermilab’s Giorgio Apollinari talk about light, luminosity and the High-Luminosity LHC project

CMS pins down Higgs with first run data

27 Jan 2015 — Recent publications from CMS use data from the LHC's first run to shed light on the properties of the Higgs boson

2015: the International Year of Light

20 Jan 2015 — During 2015, the International Year of Light, CERN is highlighting the High Luminosity LHC project and CERN’s involvement in the SESAME laboratory

LHC Season 2: holding the key to new frontiers

12 Jan 2015 — With ‘LHC Season 2’ starting soon, running at a new high energy, the LHC key is handed back to the machine operators today

Pakistan to become Associate Member State of CERN

19 Dec 2014 — CERN Director General and the Chairman of the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission sign a document admitting Pakistan to CERN Associate Membership

In pictures: CERN in 2014

19 Dec 2014 — A look back at the some of the stories in the laboratory's 60th anniversary year

LHC filling with liquid helium at 4 kelvin

17 Dec 2014 — The CERN cryogenics team are filling the LHC with liquid helium, cooling entire sections to below 4K

CERN’s Large Hadron Collider gears up for run 2

12 Dec 2014 — CERN teams are carrying out all required tests to get proton beams back in the LHC for March 2015

One LHC sector up to full energy

9 Dec 2014 — Magnets in one sector of the accelerator are fully prepared for the restart at higher energies

IdeaSquare opens today

9 Dec 2014 — Today IdeaSquare is officially inaugurated, creating a unique space designed to nurture innovation at CERN

Take part in the CERN 60 Public Computing Challenge

8 Dec 2014 — Could volunteer computing simulate as much data as the LHC generates? Researchers are setting out to answer this question during a 12-day trial

CERN takes to reddit to discuss Open Data

2 Dec 2014 — People across the globe put their questions to CERN in an "Ask Me Anything" session on reddit, on the topic of "Open Science, Open Data & More"

Beams come knocking on the LHC's door

24 Nov 2014 — Weekend tests with beams brought protons just short of the LHC

CERN makes public first data of LHC experiments

20 Nov 2014 — The Open Data Portal makes data from real collision events at the LHC openly available to all


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