September packed with events to celebrate CERN's 60th

1 Sep 2014 — CERN is celebrating 60 years of science for peace with an official ceremony and several public events taking place throughout September

Awakening the potential of plasma acceleration

26 Aug 2014 — Civil engineering has begun for the new AWAKE experiment, which looks to push the boundaries of particle acceleration

A precise BASE for antiproton studies

18 Aug 2014 — First direct high-precision measurement of the proton’s magnetic moment sets the stage for BASE

CERN prepares beam line for schools

7 Aug 2014 — Physicists at CERN are busy preparing the T9 beam line to host experiments by the winners of the Beam line for schools competition

Code and coffee: Innovative projects at the CERN Webfest

5 Aug 2014 — From apps for terrain elevation to online privacy, participants at the CERN Summer Student Webfest 2014 tackled a host of issues

Book now for CERN's 60th anniversary celebrations

5 Aug 2014 — The box office is now open for events in Geneva, Switzerland, this September to mark CERN's 60th anniversary

Technical troubleshooting at the CERN Control Centre

4 Aug 2014 — A team is on call 24 hours a day to monitor technical systems and quickly respond to alerts across CERN's accelerator complex

ISOLDE back on target after shutdown

1 Aug 2014 — Today the ISOLDE installation restarted its physics programme with beams from the Proton Synchrotron Booster

Apply now for tickets to TEDxCERN

28 Jul 2014 — A small number of places are available to attend CERN's second TEDx event on 24 September - apply now!

First accelerator-based physics of 2014

21 Jul 2014 — Experiments in the East Area received their first beams from the PS last week. Theirs is CERN's first accelerator-based physics since LS1 began

Jamming with the cosmos: CERN and the music of physics

16 Jul 2014 — CERN physicists joined composers and musicians to rock out with the universe at the Montreux jazz festival this week

Results from CERN presented at ICHEP in Spain

7 Jul 2014 — At ICHEP in Valencia, Spain, all four LHC experiments presented new results from the LHC’s first run. Run 2 physics holds much promise

Two years on: latest on Higgs bosons and more in Valencia

4 Jul 2014 — Two years on from the announcement, find out the latest results from the CERN experiments at the ICHEP conference

CERN and UNESCO celebrate anniversary of CERN Convention

1 Jul 2014 — At UNESCO headquarters in Paris today, CERN and UNESCO are celebrating 60 years of science for peace. Watch the webcast

Cosmic rays tune ATLAS for a particle symphony

27 Jun 2014 — In preparation for the LHC's next run, physicists are calibrating the ATLAS experiment - with high-energy rays from outer space

A certificate of excellence for CERN's Globe

26 Jun 2014 — The Universe of Particles exhibition in CERN's Globe of Science and Innovation has won a certificate of excellence from the travel website TripAdvisor

CERN announces LHC restart schedule

23 Jun 2014 — Cool down of the Large Hadron Collider has already begun in preparation for research to resume early in 2015

CERN experiments report new Higgs boson measurements

23 Jun 2014 — Results reported by ATLAS and CMS discuss the decay of Higgs bosons directly to fermions, the particles that make up matter

UNOSAT: Rapid mapping to aid disaster response

18 Jun 2014 — An organisation based at CERN provides satellite images and analysis to help relief and development teams on the ground in disaster areas

OECD report praises innovation at CERN

10 Jun 2014 — CERN's ability to innovate attracts creative, ambitious individuals such that "success breeds success in innovation," note authors of OECD report


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