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ISOLDE and Neutron Time-of-Flight Experiments Committee

2 Jul 2015 — This afternoon will see the 50th meeting of the INTC, with presentations on progress from ISOLDE, HIE-ISOLDE and nTOF, among others

Search for Hidden Particles: Workshop on 2 July

29 Jun 2015 — There will be an open symposium about the SHiP project from 2pm to 6pm on 2 July in CERN's Main Auditorium (500-1-001)

European Science Cloud: Open day

26 Jun 2015 — At CERN today, public research organisations and e‐infrastructures will come together with commercial cloud-computing suppliers

Latest papers from CERN theory group

Dark matter scenarios in a UV-complete model with Dirac gauginos

by Goodsell, Mark D
Krauss, Manuel E
Müller, Tobias
Porod, Werner
Staub, Florian, 7 Jul 2015

Charged-Lepton Mixing and Lepton Flavor Violation

by Guadagnoli, Diego
Lane, Kenneth, 7 Jul 2015

Parton distributions with threshold resummation

by Bonvini, Marco
Marzani, Simone
Rojo, Juan
Rottoli, Luca
Ubiali, Maria
Ball, Richard D
Bertone, Valerio
Carrazza, Stefano
Hartland, Nathan P, 7 Jul 2015

Most cited papers

What's on today at CERN for scientists

Scientists - physics events

The LHC as a Probe of Baryogenesis

TH BSM Forum, 9 Jul 2015, 14.00 — CERN

B → K∗l+l− decays in the Standard Model: a theoretical reappraisal

Particle and Astro-Particle Physics Seminars, 10 Jul 2015, 14.00 — CERN

Seminar on ALICE results

LHC Seminar, 14 Jul 2015, 11.00 — CERN


TH String Theory Seminar, 14 Jul 2015, 14.00 — CERN


TH Cosmo Coffee, 15 Jul 2015, 11.30 — CERN

Scientists - computing events

ONOS: an OpenSource Scalable SDN controller

CERN Computing Seminar, 22 Jul 2015, 14.00 — CERN

Machine Learning for Security

CERN Computing Seminar, 7 Aug 2015, 10.00 — CERN

Certificate Reputation

CERN Computing Seminar, 7 Aug 2015, 11.00 — CERN

Attacking IoT with Software defined radio

CERN Computing Seminar, 7 Aug 2015, 11.30 — CERN

Identifying Application Usage within Encrypted Tunnels

CERN Computing Seminar, 7 Aug 2015, 14.00 — CERN

Upcoming accelerators and technology events

New TOTEM Roman Pot timing detectors

Detector Seminar, 10 Jul 2015, 11.00 — CERN

HiLumi WP2 Task Leader Meeting

Task Leaders meetings, 10 Jul 2015, 16.00 — CERN

EN-MME Crab Cavity Meeting

Crab Cavity Cryomodule Development, 13 Jul 2015, 09.30 — CERN

Debriefing on cold tests of 11T model MBHSP102 - Part 1

CERN short model follow-up meetings, 14 Jul 2015, 16.00 — CERN