All the latest for scientists at CERN and further afield


LHC Report: X-rays probe for cause of short circuit

27 Mar 2015 — A short circuit in a superconducting dipole magnet is delaying the beam injection in the LHC. Teams are working around the clock to fix the issue

It's Future Circular Collider week in Washington DC

23 Mar 2015 — This week delegates at the first Annual Meeting of the FCC study will discuss the status of their project to decide on a baseline for further study

A bright future for HERA physics

20 Mar 2015 — A workshop in DESY looked at what the data from HERA can still offer for experiments, now and in the future

Latest papers from CERN theory group

Semiclassical S-matrix for black holes

by Bezrukov, Fedor
Levkov, Dmitry
Sibiryakov, Sergey, 27 Mar 2015

Cross-Order Integral Relations from Maximal Cuts

by Johansson, Henrik
Kosower, David A
Larsen, Kasper J
Sogaard, Mads, 25 Mar 2015

Gluino Coannihilation Revisited

by Ellis, John
Luo, Feng
Olive, Keith A, 25 Mar 2015

Scientists - physics events

EPFL/CERN/UNIGE Discussion Sessions

TH Cosmo Coffee, 30 Mar 2015, 14.30 — Observatoire de Sauverny

Finite N results from resurgent large N expansions

TH String Theory Seminar, 31 Mar 2015, 14.00 — CERN


ISOLDE Seminar, 1 Apr 2015, 14.30 — CERN

Scientists - computing events

Docker and Container Orchestration

IT Technical Forum (ITTF), 17 Apr 2015, 10.00 — CERN

Gaia Satellite and data processing status

CERN Computing Seminar, 17 Apr 2015, 14.00 — CERN

IT Lightning Talks: session #5

IT Technical Forum (ITTF), 24 Apr 2015, 10.00 — CERN

HEPiX Summary

IT Technical Forum (ITTF), 8 May 2015, 10.00 — CERN

Upcoming accelerators and technology events

EN-MME Crab Cavity Meeting

Crab Cavity Cryomodule Development, 30 Mar 2015, 09.30 — CERN

11th BLM Thresholds WG Meeting

LHC accelerator, 31 Mar 2015, 10.30 — CERN

46th HiLumi WP2 Task Leader Meeting

Task Leaders meetings, 3 Apr 2015, 16.00 — CERN

EN-MME Crab Cavity Meeting

Crab Cavity Cryomodule Development, 6 Apr 2015, 09.30 — CERN