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LHC report: Reaching high intensity

27 Apr 2015 — After both beams having been ramped to their full energy of 6.5 TeV, the last two weeks saw the beam commissioning process advancing on many fronts

Long-distance neutrinos

23 Apr 2015 — An international approach for a new 1000 km experiment

Working with quarkonium

22 Apr 2015 — The Quark Working Group highlights unsolved problems, discusses the latest data, and suggests new analyses in quarkonium physics

Latest papers from CERN theory group

Double-quarkonium production at a fixed-target experiment at the LHC (AFTER@LHC)

by Lansberg, Jean-Philippe
Shao, Hua-Sheng, 27 Apr 2015

ZZ production at high transverse momenta beyond NLO QCD

by Campanario, Francisco
Rauch, Michael
Sapeta, Sebastian, 24 Apr 2015

Luminosity goals for a 100-TeV pp collider

by Hinchliffe, Ian
Kotwal, Ashutosh
Mangano, Michelangelo L
Quigg, Chris
Wang, Lian-Tao, 24 Apr 2015

What's on today at CERN for scientists

Bruno Zumino Memorial meeting

Conferences & Workshops, 08.00Main Auditorium

EN-MME Crab Cavity Meeting

Crab Cavity Cryomodule Development, 09.30376-1-020

Scientists - physics events

No seminar due to Bruno Zumino Memorial Meeting

TH String Theory Seminar, 28 Apr 2015, 14.00 — CERN

Higgs Inflation as a Mirage

TH Theoretical Seminar, 29 Apr 2015, 14.00 — CERN


ISOLDE Seminar, 29 Apr 2015, 14.30 — CERN

ttH Results in Leptonic Channels from ATLAS and CMS

Collider Cross Talk, 30 Apr 2015, 11.00 — CERN

Soft Collinear Effective Theory for Heavy WIMP Annihilation

TH BSM Forum, 30 Apr 2015, 14.00 — CERN

Scientists - computing events

Discussing the Future of C++ (Lenexa Meeting)

CERN Computing Seminar, 29 Apr 2015, 15.00 — CERN

Intel in Big Data and IoT

CERN Computing Seminar, 30 Apr 2015, 15.30 — CERN

Mac Self-service and Mobile Device Management

IT Technical Forum (ITTF), 22 May 2015, 10.00 — CERN

ESPER based monitoring for the messaging infrastructure at CERN

IT Technical Forum (ITTF), 29 May 2015, 10.00 — CERN

CERN Media Lab

IT Technical Forum (ITTF), 5 Jun 2015, 10.00 — CERN

Upcoming accelerators and technology events

CE Induced Vibration on the LHC

HL-LHC WP15 - Integration and (De)-installation, 28 Apr 2015, 08.30 — CERN

The Science of Prediction with Neural Networks

A&T Seminar, 29 Apr 2015, 10.30 — CERN

22nd HL-LHC TC

Technical Coordination meetings, 30 Apr 2015, 15.30 — CERN

EN-MME Crab Cavity Meeting

Crab Cavity Cryomodule Development, 4 May 2015, 09.30 — CERN

3rd WP4 Coordination Meeting

WP4 Coordination Meeting, 7 May 2015, 14.00 — CERN