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Celebrating the first of a kind

19 Sep 2014 — The extraordinary resonance between visionary scientists, diplomats and government representatives continues to make CERN remarkable, 60 years later

60 years celebrations: useful information

17 Sep 2014 — This is an eventful week. Read this summary and don’t miss these unique events!

Memories of the great adventure of LEP

16 Sep 2014 — Today at CERN, a symposium will highlight the great LEP adventure and will celebrate the 90th birthday of the former CERN DG, Herwig Schopper

4th edition of the Diversity in Action workshop

10 Sep 2014 — Sign up now for the workshop, which will be held on Thursday 18 September 2014 in the Business Center Technoparc in Saint-Genis-Pouilly

Discover PopScience on Researcher's Night

2 Sep 2014 — On Friday 26 September 2014, CERN will be celebrating European Researchers' Night at three venues in Geneva and St. Genis-Pouilly

A shining light in the Middle East

1 Sep 2014 — SESAME needs external top-down help and encouragement to ensure timely completion, says Chris Llewellyn Smith

Safety on our roads

27 Aug 2014 — New “traffic-calming” measures have been set up near Restaurant 2, to encourage drivers to slow down to safe speeds

What's on today at CERN

EN-MME Crab Cavity Meeting

Crab Cavity Cryomodule Development, 09.30 — 112/2-023

CERN People events

119th LHCC Meeting AGENDA OPEN Session

LHCC - Open Sessions, 25 Sep 2014 — CERN


Public Events, 24 Sep 2014 — CERN

Towards a Sustainable Nuclear Energy System

CERN Colloquium, 25 Sep 2014 — CERN

Rugby pitch of Saint-Genis - Golf des Serves

Public Events, 27 Sep 2014 — Saint-Genis Pouilly

Concert of the CERN Choir - Missa Solemnis

Public Events, 30 Sep 2014 — Geneva

The long road to the LHC

Globe, 9 Oct 2014 — CERN

Colloque transfrontalier TPE - TM

Globe, 11 Oct 2014 — CERN

Upcoming webcasts


24 Sep 2014


24 Sep 2014


24 Sep 2014

From the CERN community

I love you… but I do not

Unwanted declarations of love in the workplace may cause embarrassment among colleagues. If the situation is not quickly clarified, it might even cause a serious disturbance in the working relationship and have a long-lasting negative impact on the people involved. Like many workplaces, CERN is...

Ombuds by datta, 19 Sep 2014

Respect in the workplace

Launched in a previous issue of the Bulletin, the 'Respect@CERN' campaign has triggered some rich and varied reactions, and contributions received from colleagues have covered a wide range of themes that extend from the basic “golden rule of treating others as you would have them treat you” to some...

Ombuds by datta, 17 Sep 2014

Updates from CERN clubs

21 Sep 2014 – CERN's 60th anniversary

10 Sep 2014 – CERN's 60th anniversary