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The gateway to CMS physics analysis

31 Jul 2014 — The CMS Physics Analysis Toolkit (PAT) tutorial, the fifteenth edition of which ran from 30 June to 5 July, has come a long way

The strength of worldwide collaboration

30 Jul 2014 — Physicists from across the globe bring a welcome richness to the LHC experiments, says former ATLAS spokesperson Peter Jenni

Taking SESAME to the classroom

30 Jul 2014 — The 2014 High School Teacher Programme (HST) is well under way, and this year it has a distinct Middle Eastern flavour, says Rolf Heuer

Alan Astbury (1934-2014)

29 Jul 2014 — Former Director of TRIUMF who provided substantial Canadian contributions to the LHC and the ATLAS detector

A new Run Control Centre for ALICE

28 Jul 2014 — The new ALICE Run Control Centre was inaugurated on the occasion of the collaboration dinner organized at Point 2 during a recent "ALICE week"

Summer Student Webfest: A weekend for science on the web

25 Jul 2014 — Come along to the 3rd CERN Summer Student Webfest on the weekend of 1-3 August

CMS holds first-ever induction session for young researchers

23 Jul 2014 — PhD students Juska Pekkanen and Nairit Sur recount their induction session for newcomers to CMS

What's on today at CERN

Conceptual advances in lattice gauge theory (LGT14)

TH institutes, 09.00 — TH Theory Conference Room

Nuclear Physics (3/3)

Summer Student Lecture Programme Course, 09.15Main Auditorium

Flavour Physics and CP Violation (4/4)

Summer Student Lecture Programme Course, 10.15Main Auditorium

Particle Accelerators in Cancer Therapy (2/2)

Summer Student Lecture Programme Course, 11.15Main Auditorium

Discussion Session

Summer Student Lecture Programme Course, 12.00Main Auditorium

CERN People events

The aftermath of the November revolution (1974-1984)

Public Events, 8 Sep 2014 — CERN

Concert UN orchestra

Public Events, 19 Sep 2014 — CERN

Rugby pitch of Saint-Genis - Golf des Serves

Public Events, 27 Sep 2014 — Saint-Genis Pouilly

Concert of the CERN Choir - Missa Solemnis

Public Events, 30 Sep 2014 — Geneva

From the CERN community

Respect @ CERN

Since 2010 CERN is a member of the Geneva-based association "Le respect, ça change la vie". Four years later and in conjunction with CERN’s celebration of its 60 years of ‘science for peace’, it is time to launch a newrespectful workplace awareness campaign under the auspices of the Ombud.

Ombuds by datta, 4 Jul 2014

Updates from CERN clubs

21 Jul 2014 – CERN's 60th anniversary