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Register for Famelab!

1 Apr 2015 — Are you passionate about communicating about science? Register now for the first Physics FameLab

The slings and arrows of LHC restart schedules

30 Mar 2015 — Against a backdrop of great progress in the powering tests for running at 6.5 TeV, a short cicuit is causing a delay, writes Rolf Heuer

LHC restart update

24 Mar 2015 — LHC run 2 is coming ever closer, but there will be no beam in the LHC this week

Connecting Worlds: Buddhist Master visits CERN

23 Mar 2015 — Today at CERN His Holiness Gyalwang Drukpa discussed science and perception with CERN researchers

A report from Council

20 Mar 2015 — The success of the LS1, the restart of accelerators and the impact of the high value of the Swiss franc were discussed during CERN Council meeting.

Keeping HL-LHC accountable

20 Mar 2015 — This week saw the cost and schedule of the High Luminosity LHC (HL-LHC) and LHC Injectors Upgrade (LIU) projects come under close scrutiny

The poetry of (POP) science

19 Mar 2015 — Thomas Otto, a TE Departmental Safety Officer, won the English category of the POPScience poetry competition, with three poems inspired by CERN.

From the CERN community

At cross purposes?

John comes to see the Ombud: he is very upset with his supervisor, who has refused to let him participate in an exciting project. John complains that his supervisor is short-sighted and unfair.

Ombuds by datta, 16 Mar 2015

Space Invaders

When normal communication breaks down and there is no sharing anymore, office-mates can become ‘space invaders’. Very often, the situation can be resolved effectively by taking just a few simple steps...

Ombuds by datta, 3 Mar 2015

Updates from CERN clubs

30 Mar 2015 – Film shown in partnership with FIFOG

25 Mar 2015 – Ballroom Dancing Workshop at the CERN Dancing Club

25 Mar 2015 – Ballroom Dancing Party at the CERN Dancing Club

19 Mar 2015 – A month with Michael Haneke