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Lightning talks from the CERN openlab Summer Students

14 Aug 2014 — Next week, on Tuesday 19 August, the CERN openlab Summer Students 2014 will present their work at a dedicated public Lighting Talk session

Hands-on work experience with CMS

12 Aug 2014 — High-school student Charlotte Jones shares her experience of work experience at CMS

Book now for CERN's 60th anniversary celebrations

5 Aug 2014 — The box office is now open for events in Geneva, Switzerland, this September to mark CERN's 60th anniversary

Getting to know international Geneva

4 Aug 2014 — Over recent years, CERN has been tightening its links with fellow organisations in Geneva’s vibrant international community

The gateway to CMS physics analysis

31 Jul 2014 — The CMS Physics Analysis Toolkit (PAT) tutorial, the fifteenth edition of which ran from 30 June to 5 July, has come a long way

The strength of worldwide collaboration

30 Jul 2014 — Physicists from across the globe bring a welcome richness to the LHC experiments, says former ATLAS spokesperson Peter Jenni

Taking SESAME to the classroom

30 Jul 2014 — The 2014 High School Teacher Programme (HST) is well under way, and this year it has a distinct Middle Eastern flavour, says Rolf Heuer