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Thoughts on CERN’s future

25 Sep 2014 — A science-policy contribution to the debate, by physicist and former science minister, José Mariano Gago

Challenge-Based Innovation course welcomes new students

25 Sep 2014 — Masters students have just six months to turn CERN detector technology into useful innovations, from wearable sensors to exoskeletons for the elderly

Beamline for schools: beyond expectations

25 Sep 2014 — CERN staff and users from across departments worked together to ensure the success of student experiments at the T9 beamline

Hervé Genoud (1982-2014)

24 Sep 2014 — We deeply regret to announce the death of Hervé Genoud on 22 September 2014

CERN security catches laptop and bike thieves

24 Sep 2014 — Teams in security and IT worked with Geneva police this summer to successfully track down the culprits of several thefts on and around the CERN site

Social: a new communication channel for CERN people

22 Sep 2014 — is a social-networking platform like Facebook or Twitter but tailored for CERN people, says Bruno Silva De Sousa

Celebrating the first of a kind

19 Sep 2014 — The extraordinary resonance between visionary scientists, diplomats and government representatives continues to make CERN remarkable, 60 years later

What's on today at CERN

Crab Cavity Manufacturing Readiness Meeting

Crab Cavity Cryomodule Development, 08.00 — 376-1-020

14th HiLumi WP2 Task 2.4 meeting

Task 2.4 Meetings, 11.00ABP Meeting room

CERN People events

From the CERN community

I love you… but I do not

Unwanted declarations of love in the workplace may cause embarrassment among colleagues. If the situation is not quickly clarified, it might even cause a serious disturbance in the working relationship and have a long-lasting negative impact on the people involved. Like many workplaces, CERN is...

Ombuds by datta, 19 Sep 2014

Respect in the workplace

Launched in a previous issue of the Bulletin, the 'Respect@CERN' campaign has triggered some rich and varied reactions, and contributions received from colleagues have covered a wide range of themes that extend from the basic “golden rule of treating others as you would have them treat you” to some...

Ombuds by datta, 17 Sep 2014

Updates from CERN clubs

29 Sep 2014 – Ballroom Dancing Workshop at the CERN Dancing Club

28 Sep 2014 – CERN's 60th anniversary

21 Sep 2014 – CERN's 60th anniversary