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Grey Book gets new look

21 Jul 2015 — The CERN Grey Book database, which stores data on the laboratory’s research programme, has been revamped

Our humanity at CERN

20 Jul 2015 — Diversity and respect are defining aspects of CERN, says Director-General Rolf Heuer

CERN researchers to perform at Montreux Jazz Festival

6 Jul 2015 — CERN will be back at the Montreux Jazz Festival for its third annual workshop: ‘The Physics of Music and The Music of Physics’ on 9 July at 3pm

Change of mobile phone operator

24 Jun 2015 — On 24 June CERN's mobile phone operator changes; find out what you need to do to make the switch

Report from Council

22 Jun 2015 — This week’s Council meeting was dominated by discussions about the long-term, sustainable future of CERN

MAPCERN links to Google Street View

18 Jun 2015 — MAPCERN users can now navigate many CERN sites with the new Google Street View feature

One hundred school kids investigate mystery boxes at CERN

10 Jun 2015 — Primary-school children from the “Be a scientist” project came to CERN to present their findings

What's on today at CERN

What is String Theory

Summer Student Lecture Programme Course, 09.15Main Auditorium

Physics at Future Colliders (3/3)

Summer Student Lecture Programme Course, 10.15Main Auditorium

Medical Physics (3/3) - Particle Accelerators in Cancer Therapy

Summer Student Lecture Programme Course, 11.15Main Auditorium

Extended Discussion Session (String Theory)

Summer Student Lecture Programme Course, 14.00Main Auditorium

54th HiLumi WP2 Task Leader Meeting

Task Leaders meetings, 16.00ABP Meeting room

CERN People events

Diversity in Action workshop - 6th edition

Diversity, 18 Sep 2015 — Business Center Technoparc

From the CERN community

“Summertime – and the living is easy…”

Summer is the time when everybody feels more relaxed and, while we continue to work hard, we also take the time to pause and get to know our colleagues better. This is a very natural and effective way to re-energise. However, let’s not forget that we remain ‘Cernese’ at all times, and that CERN...

Ombuds by Sudeshna Datta Cockerill, 6 Jul 2015

Updates from CERN clubs

30 Jul 2015 – A month with Stanley Kubrick