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A shining light in the Middle East

1 Sep 2014 — SESAME needs external top-down help and encouragement to ensure timely completion, says Chris Llewellyn Smith

Safety on our roads

27 Aug 2014 — New “traffic-calming” measures have been set up near Restaurant 2, to encourage drivers to slow down to safe speeds

Registration for ISOTDAQ 2015 now open

22 Aug 2014 — The International School of Trigger and Data Acquisition will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 28 January

Lightning talks from the CERN openlab Summer Students

14 Aug 2014 — Next week, on Tuesday 19 August, the CERN openlab Summer Students 2014 will present their work at a dedicated public Lighting Talk session

Hands-on work experience with CMS

12 Aug 2014 — High-school student Charlotte Jones shares her experience of work experience at CMS

Book now for CERN's 60th anniversary celebrations

5 Aug 2014 — The box office is now open for events in Geneva, Switzerland, this September to mark CERN's 60th anniversary

Getting to know international Geneva

4 Aug 2014 — Over recent years, CERN has been tightening its links with fellow organisations in Geneva’s vibrant international community

Updates from CERN clubs

1 Sep 2014 – The CERN Dancing Club invites you to its spectacular Open Doors event

29 Aug 2014 – CERN's 60th anniversary

25 Aug 2014 – CERN's 60th anniversary

20 Aug 2014 – CERN's 60th anniversary