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CMS holds first-ever induction session for young researchers

23 Jul 2014 — PhD students Juska Pekkanen and Nairit Sur recount their induction session for newcomers to CMS

Marco Grippeling (1966-2014)

21 Jul 2014 — It was with great sadness that we learnt that our former colleague and friend Marco Grippeling was amongst the victims of the Malaysia Airlines crash

Fifty years of EMBO

17 Jul 2014 — The European Molecular Biology Organization was founded in July 1964, with the aim of setting up a CERN for molecular biology

CERN presents the Music of Physics at Montreux

16 Jul 2014 — CERN physicists joined composers and musicians to rock out with the universe at the Montreux jazz festival this week

Latin America comes to CERN

15 Jul 2014 — Luciano Maiani on forging new links between Europe and the New World

EPS honours CERN's heavy-ion researchers

11 Jul 2014 — Scientists with ALICE have been awarded the European Physical Society's Lise Meitner Prize for their work on quark-gluon plasma

Accelerating innovation…in medicine

8 Jul 2014 — An upcoming series of seminars will highlight the potential of particle-phyics research for applications in medicine, says Steve Myers

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Respect @ CERN

Since 2010 CERN is a member of the Geneva-based association "Le respect, ça change la vie". Four years later and in conjunction with CERN’s celebration of its 60 years of ‘science for peace’, it is time to launch a newrespectful workplace awareness campaign under the auspices of the Ombud.

Ombuds by datta, 4 Jul 2014

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21 Jul 2014 – CERN's 60th anniversary

15 Jul 2014 – CERN's 60th anniversary