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Science for Good: Governance is the Key

23 Jan 2015 — Incorporating sound scientific advice into governance structures is of of vital importance, says Rolf Heuer

Lift15 - tickets available for CERN people

22 Jan 2015 — This year's Lift conference will feature events led by the CERN community. Limited free tickets are available for CERN people

The SESAME laboratory: celebrating the power of light 

16 Jan 2015 — Rolf Heuer on the project to build a synchrotron light source in the Middle East

60 more years of science for peace: carrying the message forward

19 Dec 2014 — We can safely say that we’ve been successful in delivering the message of science for peace this year, says CERN Director-General Rolf Heuer

In their own words

15 Dec 2014 — Recollections of CERN’s early days from the CERN Archives

News from the CERN Council

12 Dec 2014 — Among other decisions, the appointment of Fabiola Gianotti as next CERN Director-General was formalised by a unanimous vote of Council

ICTP: theorists in the developing world

12 Dec 2014 — ICTP director Fernando Quevedo talks to Antonella Del Rosso about the contribution that theorists make to society and why it deserves support

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From the CERN community

News from the Library: Celebrating 20 years of "Library Science Talks"

The CERN Library (GS-SIS Group) is promoting activities and initiatives to foster better communication and closer cooperation amongst international librarians and information specialists in the Geneva - Lausanne area.   Great changes that have occurred in the world of information...

CERN Library News 10 Dec 2014