Blood donation: 31 March

23 Mar 2015 – Give blood Tuesday 31 March between 9am and 4pm in building 504 (Restaurant 2)

Webcast: Rolf Heuer on Science and Governance

27 Jan 2015 – Watch the webcast of a discussion today at 12.15pm at the Swiss Press Club, on the ethics, economics and politics of scientific research

19 January: heavy snow forecast

19 Jan 2015 – Significant snow is forecast overnight

Happy holidays: Preparations for the annual closure

19 Dec 2014 – With the holiday season drawing near, several CERN services have made special preparations for the annual closure

Emergency stop tests: Prevessin

17 Dec 2014 – The emergency stop tests of the Prevessin site area 10 are planned for Saturday 10 January 2015 from 7am to 8pm

Emergency stop tests: Administrative area, Meyrin

17 Dec 2014 – The emergency stop tests of the Administrative area are planned for Friday, 2 January 2015 from 7am to 9pm

Emergency stop tests: ISR and West areas, Meyrin

17 Dec 2014 – The emergency stop tests at the ISR and West areas on the Meyrin site are planned for Saturday 3 January 2015 from 7am to 8pm

New timetable for the CERN Shuttle service 2015

12 Dec 2014 – Please take note to the changes in Shuttle timetable that will take effect next year.

Send a seasonal CERN e-card

8 Dec 2014 – Send colleagues, family and friends holiday greetings using the CERN e-card service

Annual diesel generators tests

28 Nov 2014 – Annual diesel generators tests are planned on Tuesday, December 16th, 2014 from 6:00 am to 6:10 am

Registration open for TEDx Place Des Nations

25 Nov 2014 – On December 11, Geneva will host the TEDX Place Des Nations event

Register now for public lecture on medical applications

13 Nov 2014 – Register here for ‘Particles that fight cancer: the use of protons and carbon ion in cancer therapy’ which will take place on 20 November from 4-6pm

Power Outage - 16 October

17 Oct 2014 – At 19:03 last night, a fire in an 18kV circuit breaker in building 212 led to a blackout on the Meyrin site

Collide@CERN Geneva: Music and particle physics

9 Oct 2014 – Experience music and particle physics with the third winners of Collide@Cern Geneva

8th CERN Table Tennis Championship

12 Aug 2014 – Register now for the CERN Table Tennis Tournament on Saturday 16 August at 1.30pm

Annual Information Meeting of the Pension Fund

12 Aug 2014 – Please note the date for the meeting has been changed to 16 September 2014

Apply now for The Port Hackathon at CERN

5 Aug 2014 – Apply now for our problem-solving workshop - also known as hackathon - taking place at CERN from 31 October to 2 November

Information sessions for indefinite-contract applications

4 Aug 2014 – We would like to invite you to take part in one of the information sessions to explain applications and interviews for indefinite contracts

CERN Library presentation today at 4pm

24 Jul 2014 – Today at 4pm in the CERN library, Michael Dittmar presents "Extracted: how the quest for mineral wealth is plundering the planet" by Ugo Bardi

Posts opening in view of the award of indefinite contracts

21 Jul 2014 – We are pleased to inform you that the list of posts opening in view of the award of indefinite contracts is now available on the intranet

Work on the roundabout in front of restaurant 2

14 Jul 2014 – Work will start on the roundabout in front of restaurant 2 on Tuesday 15 July 2014

Eleanor Blakely on "60 years of particle therapy"

8 Jul 2014 – Register now for the first of a series of seminars on applying particle-physics research to medicine. Main Auditorium, 4pm on 10 July.

4 July: storm warning

4 Jul 2014 – A storm warning has been received for the end of this afternoon, please take action

Table tennis tournament

26 Jun 2014 – A table tennis tournament will be held at CERN as a special event sponsored by the 60th Anniversary Committee

Data Artist Ryoji Ikeda presents Creative Collisions

24 Jun 2014 – Opening presentation of data artist Ryoji Ikeda’s residency at CERN. In the Globe, 7pm on 10 July

CERN annual report 2013 now available on CDS

20 Jun 2014 – A Nobel prize, a new member state, and a huge consolidation effort on the accelerator complex - 2013 was a big year for CERN

Sign up now for « From Mars to the Multiverse »

20 Jun 2014 – Astronomer Royal Lord Martin Rees will be speaking at the International Conference Centre in Geneva on 3 July 2014

Possible disruption at border crossings 6 June

6 Jun 2014 – Drivers using French-Swiss border crossings may face delays due to a work-to-rule action of the French customs agents of the Douane du Léman

Road closures during today's relay race

5 Jun 2014 – There will be some brief road and entrance closures today

Pint of Science

19 May 2014 – An event in Geneva that aims to make science accessible and fun by bringing current scientific research to the welcoming atmosphere of a pub


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