CERN artist in residence to give public lecture

Jan Peters films the ATLAS pixel detector (Image: CERN)

Boldly going where no member of the public is even allowed, for the past 3 months Collide @ CERN Geneva artist in residence Jan Peters has been inside the very heart of ATLAS – one of the two large detectors on the LHC at CERN.

With his CERN inspiration partner, engineer Neal Hartman, Jan Peters will be showing for the first time some of the footage from his filming of the pixel detector which takes snaphots of the invisible particles hurtling just under the speed of light. Jan has been with the team of engineers who have just inserted it into ATLAS, ready for the switch on in 2015. The experience and the footage he has shot will become part of his highly personal documentary film which he is making from the residency, which mixes science life with his life outside.

So join us to see what Jan Peters encountered in the secret underground world at the heart of ATLAS and learn about his Collide @ CERN residency experience.

Booking is essential because space is limited in the Globe.

The lecture is free and open to the public, and please do share this with friends. 


February 27th 2014 18.30-20.30
Location: CERN Globe of Science and Innovation
Doors open at 18.30
Lecture begins at 19.00
Refreshments at 20.30 which are a great opportunity to meet Jan one to one as well as Neal. 
Please RSVP on

We look forward to welcoming you.

Collide @ CERN.