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Lonely Chairs at CERN turns one

12 May 2015 — Over the past year, the "Lonely Chairs at CERN" photography blog has let the chairs do the talking

CERN Director-General visits SESAME

16 Apr 2015 — Rolf Heuer visited the SESAME laboratory in Jordan on 13 April along with European Commissioner for research, Carlos Moedas

A busy Sunday for the LHC

7 Apr 2015 — The LHC started up again on Sunday for the first time in two years. LHC operators celebrated the smooth restart with champagne and chocolate eggs

LHC restart update

2 Apr 2015 — The first beams could be circulating in the machine sometime between Saturday and Monday

Register for Famelab!

1 Apr 2015 — Are you passionate about communicating about science? Register now for the first Physics FameLab

LHC restart update

24 Mar 2015 — LHC run 2 is coming ever closer, but there will be no beam in the LHC this week

Connecting Worlds: Buddhist Master visits CERN

23 Mar 2015 — Today at CERN His Holiness Gyalwang Drukpa discussed science and perception with CERN researchers

The poetry of (POP) science

19 Mar 2015 — Thomas Otto, a TE Departmental Safety Officer, won the English category of the POPScience poetry competition, with three poems inspired by CERN.

A day in the CERN Control Centre

2 Mar 2015 — The CCC is the nerve centre of the CERN beam systems. The people at the five consoles work 24/7 to get everything ready for Run 2.

Keep calm and share science!

27 Jan 2015 — CERN is organising the first Physics FameLab, to be held on 21 May. Enter the competition now

Lift15 - tickets available for CERN people

22 Jan 2015 — This year's Lift conference will feature events led by the CERN community. Limited free tickets are available for CERN people

In their own words

15 Dec 2014 — Recollections of CERN’s early days from the CERN Archives

News from the CERN Council

12 Dec 2014 — Among other decisions, the appointment of Fabiola Gianotti as next CERN Director-General was formalised by a unanimous vote of Council

ICTP: theorists in the developing world

12 Dec 2014 — ICTP director Fernando Quevedo talks to Antonella Del Rosso about the contribution that theorists make to society and why it deserves support

Ecumenical Patriarch visits CERN

9 Dec 2014 — On 3 December 2014, His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew visited CERN

CERN inaugurates steel sculpture

8 Dec 2014 — "Wandering the immeasurable" – a 15-tonne sculpture next to the Globe of Science and Innovation – was inaugurated at a ceremony on Saturday

CERN’s DG starts blogging for Huffington Post

1 Dec 2014 — Rolf Heuer writes his first blog entry in a series running over the next few weeks for Huffington Post

Business incubator of CERN tech opens in Greece

1 Dec 2014 — CERN signs agreement to provide technology and expert training for a new business-incubation centre in Thessaloniki

The ATLAS experiment on Scholarpedia

27 Nov 2014 — An article about ATLAS is the first in a series on experimental high-energy physics to appear on the peer-reviewed website

CERN’s Japanese pied-a-terre (and vice versa)

26 Nov 2014 — New CERN-KEK offices to increase the collaborative effort on accelerator R&D and construction projects

CMS launches new educational tools

20 Nov 2014 — New CMS software allows Masterclass students to analyse events from the LHC

ALICE opens its new nerve centre

19 Nov 2014 — The new ALICE Run Control Centre (ARC) implements the best and newest solutions for its shift workers and expert operators

CERN & Society launches donation portal

17 Nov 2014 — CERN & Society is launching its "giving" website – a portal to allow donors to contribute to various projects

Wright Science Colloquium: Revelations about the Sun

11 Nov 2014 — A series of fascinating lectures about the Sun will take place in Geneva, Switzerland from 10 to 14 November

A new era of safety at CERN

8 Oct 2014 — CERN is modernising its safety policy and organisational structure in matters of Safety

See how people wished CERN a Happy Birthday with #MyCERN60

7 Oct 2014 — The hashtag #MyCERN60 gave CERN people and CERN’s followers on social media the chance to wish CERN a happy 60th birthday

Film series brings CERN people to the world

6 Oct 2014 — Created by filmmaker Liz Mermin, a new YouTube series puts the spotlight on CERN people

Challenge-Based Innovation course welcomes new students

25 Sep 2014 — Masters students have just six months to turn CERN detector technology into useful innovations, from wearable sensors to exoskeletons for the elderly

Beamline for schools: beyond expectations

25 Sep 2014 — CERN staff and users from across departments worked together to ensure the success of student experiments at the T9 beamline

Midsummer mysteries: Criminal masterminds? Not really…

24 Sep 2014 — Teams in security and IT worked with Geneva police this summer to successfully track down the culprits of several thefts on and around the CERN site


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