Updates for CERN people

A new Run Control Centre for ALICE

28 Jul 2014 — The new ALICE Run Control Centre was inaugurated on the occasion of the collaboration dinner organized at Point 2 during a recent "ALICE week"

Summer Student Webfest: A weekend for science on the web

25 Jul 2014 — Come along to the 3rd CERN Summer Student Webfest on the weekend of 1-3 August

CMS holds first-ever induction session for young researchers

23 Jul 2014 — PhD students Juska Pekkanen and Nairit Sur recount their induction session for newcomers to CMS

Fifty years of EMBO

17 Jul 2014 — The European Molecular Biology Organization was founded in July 1964, with the aim of setting up a CERN for molecular biology

CERN presents the Music of Physics at Montreux

16 Jul 2014 — CERN physicists joined composers and musicians to rock out with the universe at the Montreux jazz festival this week

EPS honours CERN's heavy-ion researchers

11 Jul 2014 — Scientists with ALICE have been awarded the European Physical Society's Lise Meitner Prize for their work on quark-gluon plasma

New LHCb management prepares for Run 2 challenges

1 Jul 2014 — As of today, LHCb has new management

CERN builds bridges at ESOF 2014

27 Jun 2014 — CERN featured prominently at the EuroScience Open Forum 2014, held between 22 and 26 June in Copenhagen, Denmark

A certificate of excellence for the Globe

26 Jun 2014 — The Universe of Particles exhibition in CERN's Globe of Science and Innovation has won a certificate of excellence from the travel website TripAdvisor

Wilton Park: The big bang and the interfaces of knowledge

26 Jun 2014 — Scientists from CERN examined the common ground between science, philosophy and theology at a Wilton Park meeting this week

Profile of a science comic strip artist

24 Jun 2014 — Lison Bernet is the author of the cartoon strip "La BD du LHC", which she draws every month for LHC France

Next week is CERN Clubs week

16 Jun 2014 — Take part in the free activities organized by CERN Clubs to celebrate the laboratory's 60th anniversary

CERN signs up to SWITCH to improve access to online services

12 Jun 2014 — SWITCH enables collaborators to access online services at participating research institutions in Switzerland with a single username and password

LHC dipole takes a trip downtown

3 Jun 2014 — An LHC magnet makes a stop in the heart of Geneva to celebrate 200 years since the canton joined the Swiss Confederation

CMS inaugurates its high-tech visitor centre

26 May 2014 — The new Building SL53 on CERN’s Cessy site in France is ready to welcome visitors

An email-encryption service born in Restaurant One

23 May 2014 — Time spent at CERN has inspired a team of young computer scientists to launch ProtonMail, a new encrypted-email service

In pictures: final weld in the LHC splice consolidation

16 May 2014 — Images of the last of over ten thousand M welds on LHC magnet interconnections that were performed as part of the LS1 consolidation work

Lync: A collaboration tool for CERN

30 Apr 2014 — The Lync system provides collaboration features such as phone calls, instant messaging, a presence indicator and integration with Exchange calendar

Social media guidelines now available for CERN people

29 Apr 2014 — Are you a CERN person who uses social media? Be sure to read the CERN social media guidelines

EDMS 6 now available

28 Apr 2014 — A new, more intuitive version of the Engineering and Equipment Data Management Service (EDMS) is now available

Change your CERN passwords before 13 May

17 Apr 2014 — Due to the serious “Heartbleed” vulnerability you will need to change your CERN passwords before 13 May 2014, failing which accounts may be blocked

ELENA gets a roof over its head

11 Apr 2014 — Today CERN inaugurated the ELENA building (393) after less than a year's construction work

A new spokesperson for CLIC

8 Apr 2014 — Phil Burrows of the University of Oxford succeeds Roberto Corsini of CERN as spokesperson for the CLIC accelerator collaboration

CERN's Ben Segal joins Internet Hall of Fame

8 Apr 2014 — At a ceremony today in Hong Kong, the Internet Society has recognized Ben Segal for his contributions to the development of the Internet

CERN and ESA join forces at Hannover Messe Industrial Fair

7 Apr 2014 — CERN will share a stand with the European Space Agency at the world's largest industrial fair

Art meets science in the work of Alberto di Fabio

2 Apr 2014 — Arts@CERN is delighted to invite you to the Council Chamber at 1pm and meet visual artist Alberto Di Fabio

New CERN parking rules as of 1 April

1 Apr 2014 — The CERN parking service requests that you take the new parking rules into account

Fabiola Gianotti announces CERN's switch to Comic Sans

1 Apr 2014 — From today, all of CERN's official communication channels are switching to exclusive use of the font Comic Sans. Find out how you can get involved

Thorium: An energy source for the world of tomorrow ?

27 Mar 2014 — Watch the webcast of a discussion on thorium energy today at 4.30pm CET

François de Rose: Memoirs of a CERN pioneer

21 Mar 2014 — François de Rose, a founding father of CERN, publishes his memoirs during the year of CERN’s 60th anniversary


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