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Useful numbers

Central telephone exchange:

+41 (0)22 76 761 11

Central telephone exchange (for people at CERN):

7 99 99

Central fax:

+41 (0)22 76 765 55

Reception desk:

+41 (0)22 76 766 49

Visits reception desk:

+41 (0)22 76 784 84

CERN Service Desk

+41 (0)22 76 777 77

CERN internal telephone numbers

These are five-digit numbers, all reachable directly from outside CERN.

Example: to call internal number xxxxx from a telephone in Belgium, dial 00 (to get out of Belgium) then 41 (country code for Switzerland) then 22 (area code for Geneva) then 76 (the first two digits of all CERN telephones) and finally xxxxx. Note that not all countries use 00 to dial internationally.

CERN mobile phone (GSM) numbers

CERN mobile phone numbers are of the form +41 75 411 xx xx.

To call a CERN mobile from outside CERN, dial as if you were calling the Swiss number (+41) 75 411, and the last 4 digits of the mobile number.

Example: To call the mobile number 161234 from the US, dial 00 41 75 411 1234.

Updating information

Note that this can only be done by authorised personnel. If the information concerning your group or department is incorrect, contact your secretariat.

Telephone robots

When dialing from within CERN and ending up in an external company's robot, you may be asked to select a service by pressing certain digits. This will fail unless you press 98 before the digit. Example: "to contact customer service, press 2" should be reacted to by pressing 982 and not just 2.