1 Jul/24
11:00 - 12:00 (Europe/Zurich)

Lab workshop training: Power of Air


82 at Meet outside CERN Science Gateway Reception

This guide training session is for guides who want to facilitate the ‘Power of Air’ workshop at the Science Gateway educational labs. Read more about this workshop here (Power of air (8-15 years) | Visit CERN Science Gateway).

The session will include an overview of the workshop, and specific tips and tricks for this workshop.

All essential resources for this training can be accessed through LAB WORKSHOPS | CERN Guides.

In order to become a guide for this workshop, you should have also completed the BASIC Lab training. It is also strongly recommended to complete the BASIC Lab training before following this specific training.

Please cancel your participation or inform us as soon as possible should you not be able to join.


Other lab workshop trainings are available here (


(In case you arrive late please call Anastasia +41227660234)