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Help bridge the gap between science and society: donate to “Light their Spark”

Donations to “Light their Spark”, the regular giving programme of the CERN & Society Foundation, will fuel opportunities for students, teachers and scientists across the world

Light their Sparks campaign CSF
(Image: CERN)

Since 2014, the CERN & Society Foundation has been supporting a portfolio of projects aimed at bridging the gap between science and society, thereby upholding CERN’s mission of inspiring and benefitting society.

And now the CERN & Society Foundation is inviting you to join #LIGHTtheirSpark, the Foundation’s regular giving programme, which offers you the chance to nurture the talent, ingenuity and ability of hundreds of students, teachers and scientists every year. By lighting the spark of their creativity, you will allow them to learn, discover, and inspire the world with their scientific curiosity. 

A regular donation, however small, can have a big impact: it allows us to plan our work sustainably and effectively, keep administrative costs down, and react faster and more efficiently in times of emergency.

Read all about the benefits of joining the #LIGHTtheirSpark programme here. In the meantime, hear what other CERNois like you think about our projects.

(Video: CERN)

Are you thinking that this all sounds great, but it’s just not up your donation alley? Fear not! You can still help us by sharing this message with your close network and advocating our cause.