Knowledge Transfer seminar: Early-Career Researchers in medical applications @ CERN – short talks

KT Seminar Medical Applications banner
KT Seminar - Short talks by Early-Career Researchers (Image: CERN)

CERN’s Knowledge Transfer group would like to invite you to a Zoom KT seminar on 6 October at 2.00 p.m., to  discover how technological advances for high-energy physics have become essential tools for modern medicine.

This series of short talks is given by Early-Career Researchers (ECRs) working on projects related to diverse medical applications that arise from technology developed at CERN and in high-energy physics. In this seminar, three ECRs working on the Next Ion Medical Machine Study (NIMMS) project will share their work.

The NIMMS project outlines an umbrella R&D programme of critical accelerator technologies related to ion therapy. The programme builds on existing activities and on core CERN competences.  

Maurizio Vretenar will introduce the panel of speakers: Vittorio Bencini, Rebecca Taylor, and Ewa Oponowicz.

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Knowledge transfer at CERN could not happen without the knowledge exchange between experts in science, technology and industry. The Knowledge Transfer (KT) seminars, launched in 2016, are a series of events designed to raise awareness about knowledge transfer at CERN and to showcase the diversity of applications of CERN know-how and technology in industry and the resulting positive impact on society. The seminars also aim to inspire a culture of entrepreneurship and to explore and spark interest in other KT-related topics of interest.
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