Meet the artists

Composer Mark Bowden and writer Owen Sheers will present their work and talk about their careers. CERN library, today at 4pm


We are delighted to invite you today at 4pm to the CERN library to meet two young Welsh artists – the composer Mark Bowden and the writer Owen Sheers, who are presenting their artistic work together and talking about their careers.

Mark Bowden is one of a new wave of composers to have emerged in the 21st century. South Wales-born, he has made a deep impression on the orchestral life of Britain and has recently become Resident Composer with BBC National Orchestra of Wales.

Owen Sheers is a well known Welsh poet, author, playwright, actor and TV presenter and one of the leading writers of his generation. He is the first writer in residence to be appointed by any national rugby union team.

We very much look forward to welcoming you.

The Arts @ CERN Team