Annual CERN openlab Technical Workshop to take place on 16-17 March


CERN openlab technical workshop 2019
The CERN openlab Technical Workshop will be held in-person in the CERN Council Chamber for the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic (Image: CERN)

The 2023 CERN openlab Technical Workshop will be held in the CERN Council Chamber on 16-17 March. The event provides an important moment to review progress made in the 28 R&D projects currently being carried out across CERN through this unique public-private partnership. Since 2001, CERN has been working with leading technology companies through CERN openlab to accelerate the development of the cutting-edge computing technologies required by the Organization’s research community.

Today, CERN openlab is working in three main areas: exascale technologies, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing. R&D carried out in this final area is closely interwoven with the work of the CERN Quantum Technology Initiative, which held a major workshop in November. CERN openlab also works closely with CERN’s Knowledge Transfer Group to share computing technologies with research communities beyond particle physics.

As well as looking back over 2022, the technical workshop will provide an important opportunity to discuss upcoming plans, including the new CERN IT Innovation Roadmap.

Register for the event here until 13 March. You can also find out more about CERN openlab’s work over the last year on the CERN openlab website, here.