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CERN-GÉANT-PRACE-SKAO kick-off workshop on High Performance Computing 29 September

CERN PHOTOWALK 2010 - Computer Centre - Veronika McQuade
Credits: Veronika McQuade (Image: CERN)

As a follow-up on the collaboration agreement that was signed on 22th July, the kick-off workshop will take place online on 29th September from 09:30 to 20:35 (CEST).

The pioneering collaboration was formed by four leading research organisations: CERN, GÉANT, the pan-European network and services provider for research and education, PRACE, the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe, and SKAO, the organisation leading the development of the Square Kilometre Array radio-telescope.

The members of the collaboration are joining forces to help realise the full potential of the coming new generation of HPC technology, establishing a common benchmark test suite and a series of common pilot ‘demonstrator’ systems. This in turn will allow to support large, data-intensive science projects, contributing greatly to their success. 

The coming workshop will identify challenges in facing High Performance Computing  integration. After a general introduction on overall goals, detailed discussions on the areas of work and related technical demonstrators will follow. The event will focus on discussions and team-building around four areas of work: training and center of expertise, authorisation and authentication, benchmarking and data access.

This kick-off is the first joint event of the collaboration. It will take place on 29th September and will be organized with the support of CERN openlab. The workshop will enable the launch of the technical activities of the HPC collaboration between CERN, GÉANT, PRACE and SKAO.

More information, including the registration details can be found here: http://cern.ch/go/Nf8R.