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Changes in the Swisscom mobile coverage on the CERN Meyrin site

The Swisscom mobile coverage modifications will affect the western part of the CERN Meyrin site from the water tower to Gate E as of 21 August 2021

Following the re-allocation of mobile telephony frequencies in France, the Swisscom site providing 3G coverage for the western part of the CERN Meyrin site (from the water tower to Gate E) will be switched off permanently by the telecommunications operator on 21 August 2021. A replacement Swisscom 4G service will be made available by the telecommunications operator as soon as possible.

Consequences (until the new Swisscom 4G service is established): 

  • Only Orange (French) mobile telephony coverage will be available in this area as of 21 August 2021.
  • People with restricted CERN mobile phone subscriptions cannot connect to Orange for data services and will hence not be able to use mobile data services in this area as of 21 August.


Please note that 3G networks are being gradually phased out by telecommunications operators and 3G services will be entirely discontinued in the medium term. Consequently, 3G-only mobile phones can no longer ensure good connectivity. The mobile phones available in the CERN store are all 4G-capable.

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