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Planning for upcoming email migration


In the coming months, CERN mailboxes will be moved from the current on-premises Microsoft Exchange platform to the Microsoft Exchange Online service. This will provide users with the latest functions and improved security.

Users will have their mailboxes migrated in waves from September until the middle of 2023. The process will be seamless, managed by the email service team in the IT department. Users’ mailboxes – and calendars, contacts and tasks – will remain available during the migration. Users will be informed in advance of their migration.

Those using Microsoft Outlook on a machine centrally managed by the Computer Management Framework (CMF) will not need to do anything. Those using other email clients may have to do some reconfiguration following the migration; however, clear and simple instructions will be provided for the most popular clients.

Further communications on this subject will be sent via email over the coming months. The technical teams responsible for this upgrade understand the central role that email plays for all of us in our work and will make every effort to ensure disruption is kept to an absolute minimum.