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The on-site CERN Webfest hackathon is back – don’t forget to sign up!

Would you like to spend a weekend working with a team of people on an exciting small-scale project? The hackathon – a hacking marathon – is just like a real marathon except that it isn’t you who’s trying to run, it’s your app. In only one weekend you have to create a web or mobile application that supports education, science and research.

The best-app competition is not only for computer scientists and programmers, but for anyone working at CERN. Anyone with an idea or a project can participate! Participants are expected to find new use cases for CERN technologies or develop tools that could be used by CERN and its community. It could even be a tool to promote the fascinating work carried out at CERN! Any subject area can be chosen, regardless of educational level. Applications to aid the research process and thus help science are particularly encouraged.

The Webfest will run over the weekend of 21–23 July, following an introductory session on the Friday. The participants will have the next two days to put their ideas into action and come back for the judging session to present their work on the Sunday afternoon. If you already have an idea, don’t forget to share it on the Mattermost channel and set up your team beforehand. Check out the website webfest.cern for more information!