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CERN highlights in 2023

From high above to far below, journey through the CERN highlights of 2023


A view from drone over the HL-LHC Point 5 site covered in snow

A view from drone over the HL-LHC Point 5 site covered in snow.

In 2023, CERN celebrated a year of achievements on its journey of scientific exploration. The inauguration of CERN Science Gateway, an emblematic education and outreach centre, reflected CERN's commitment to inspiring future generations.

Precision measurements took centre stage as the ATLAS experiment set records in studying the Higgs boson mass and the strong force strength. The CMS experiment presented its search for dark photons and other exotic particles and measured tau-lepton polarisation in Z-boson decays. The ALICE experiment shone light on the nucleus by probing its intricate structure and on charm and beauty quark dynamics in quark–gluon plasma. The LHCb experiment made the most precise measurement yet of matter–antimatter asymmetry with beauty quarks and observed hypertriton, a key to modelling neutron star cores.

Lead ions collided in the Large Hadron Collider for the first time in five years and collider neutrinos were observed for the first time by FASER and SND@LHC. To prepare for the future, the High-Luminosity LHC team completed and validated key hardware components, underground structures and services. From observing antimatter’s fall under gravity to advancements in atomic clock precision and probing dark matter searches, CERN's diverse experiments underlined the Laboratory’s key role in shaping the future of particle physics and our understanding of the Universe.

CERN celebrated the Year of Open Science with NASA and other scientific institutions and collaborated with the International Committee of the Red Cross and the World Food Programme to use its technologies for humanitarian action and fighting hunger. CERN’s impact reached far beyond the Laboratory with initiatives such as exploring superconductivity solutions for renewable energy transmission with SuperNode, moving forward with the demonstrator for low-carbon aviation with Airbus and accelerating deep-tech startups with CERN Venture Connect.

Host State presidents Emmanuel Macron and Alain Berset also visited CERN this year.

Watch CERN in 2023 and enjoy a visual journey through some of the many highlights of the year, immersing yourself in groundbreaking achievements and scientific wonders.