New CERN parking rules as of 1 April

The CERN parking service requests that you take the new parking rules into account

Due to the steadily increasing number of cars on Meyrin site and the limited number of parking space new parking rules will be enforced at all gates as of April 1st. From that date on, only cars whose last digit on the number plate is odd (even) are allowed to enter the CERN site on odd or even days, respectively. LHC points are not affected.
Cars with the "wrong" last digit will be denied access by the guardians and would have to be parked outside CERN premises. Alternatively, people are asked to use the TPG tram, the Y bus (especially from direction St. Genis/Thoiry), or take their bike ("MOVE!"). Parking exceptions are handled on a case-by-case basis; applications should be sent to Please include a justification and attach a scan of your valid driving license to that application. People with disabilities are exempt from these new rules.