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ATLAS congratulates its 2023 Thesis Awards winners


ATLAS Thesis Award winners

From left to right: ATLAS collaboration Board Chair Maria Jose Costa; ATLAS Thesis Awards Committee Chair Antonella De Santo; ATLAS Thesis Award winners Nicole Hartman, Joshua Beirer, Savannah Clawson, Hassnae El Jarrari and Xiao Yang; and ATLAS Spokesperson Andreas Hoecker. Not pictured: ATLAS Thesis Award winners Samuel Van Stroud and Prajita Bhattarai. (Image: K. Anthony/CERN)

The ATLAS collaboration celebrated the achievements of its exceptional PhD students at the recent Thesis Awards ceremony. Established in 2010, the ATLAS Thesis Awards recognise the remarkable contributions made by students to the ATLAS collaboration through their doctoral theses. Students play pivotal roles in the collaboration while gaining invaluable skills crucial to their professional pursuits.

The 2023 ATLAS Thesis Awards were announced on 15 February 2024 at a ceremony held at CERN's main auditorium. The award winners are: Joshua Beirer from CERN & Georg-August-Universität Göttingen (Germany), Prajita Bhattarai from Brandeis University (USA), Savannah Clawson from the University of Manchester (UK), Hassnae El Jarrari from Université Mohammed-V De Rabat (Morocco), Nicole Hartman from Stanford University & SLAC (USA), Samuel Van Stroud from University College London (UK), and Xiao Yang from the University of Science and Technology of China (China).

“PhD students aren’t just the beating heart of the ATLAS collaboration – they’re the brains behind many of our achievements,” said Antonella De Santo, Chair of the Thesis Awards Committee. “PhD students make up a significant fraction of ATLAS collaboration members and contribute to a diverse range of research areas, including physics analysis, detector operations and upgrades, and software and hardware developments. The ATLAS Thesis Awards are our way of recognizing and highlighting their outstanding achievements.”


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