CERN showcases best practices in Intellectual Property

Trainees in Intellectual Property management are meeting CERN experts to exchange knowledge and best practices


CERN showcases best practices in Intellectual Property

Front row (from left): Marcelo Di Pietro, Director, WIPO Academy; Yoshiyuki Takagi, Assistant Director General, WIPO; Pascal Lamy, Director-General, WTO; Antony Taubman, Director Intellectual Property Division, WTO (Image: WTO)

Participants in an Advanced Training Course on Intellectual Property (IP) visited CERN today to explore the theme “Intellectual Property in use”.

The course, jointly organized by The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the World Trade Organization (WTO), is aimed at government officials in developing countries.

CERN’s Knowledge Transfer group organized the visit to CERN and a question-and-answer session with CERN’s technology-transfer and IP-management experts.

Visitors toured the research and development laboratory of SRB Energy, one of CERN’s spin-off companies, which uses ultra-high vacuum technology to make solar panels.  

“We consider CERN a success story as far as IP innovation is concerned,” says Tshimanga Kongolo, head of the Professional Development Program at WIPO Academy, the division in charge of IP training. “It will be beneficial to our participants to see how you manage your solid IP portfolio and how you keep on being innovative.”