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CERN Health Insurance Scheme (CHIS) – Obligation to provide information


Staff and fellows are reminded that, pursuant to Article IV 2.02 of the CHIS Rules, they are obliged to declare the following information concerning their spouse in writing to the Organization:

  • any other primary health insurance scheme of which the spouse is a member; and
  • in the event that the spouse does not have adequate primary health insurance, the amount of any income received by the spouse deriving from a professional activity and/or a retirement pension.

This declaration must be made within the 30 calendar days following any change in the spouse’s:

  • professional activity (e.g. start or end of employment contract, change of employer);
  • health insurance;
  • gross income, if this results in a change of income bracket (see the table here).

Declarations must be made using the SHIPID(Spouse Health Insurance & Professional Income Declaration) form.

The Human Resources department therefore advises staff and fellows to check with their spouse that the details submitted in their latest declaration are still up-to-date and, if this is not the case, to make a new declaration using the “SHIPID” form without delay. We remain at your disposal to answer any questions about the SHIPID form via the following e-mail address: chis.shipid@cern.ch

Finally, members of the personnel are also reminded that a false declaration or the failure to make a declaration may constitute fraud and may therefore lead to disciplinary action in accordance with the provisions of Article V 5.03 of the CHIS Rules and Article S VI 2.01 of the Staff Rules.