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CERN Safety Rules: Management of Major Safety Incidents


The following CERN Safety Instruction has been published on the CERN website dedicated to the Safety Rules: Specific Safety Instruction SSI-SIM-2-1 “Major Safety Incident classification, investigation, analysis and follow-up”.

This SSI will replace the current Safety Code A 11 “Administrative procedure following a serious accident or incident” dated 2003. 

It aligns the investigation procedure to be followed following a Major Safety Incident with the Safety Regulation “Responsibilities in Matters of Safety Incident Management at CERN” (SR-SIM), which was published in June 2021. 

The new SSI takes into account the lessons learnt from Major Safety Incident investigations conducted at CERN in the last 10 years and reflects best practices the field. It introduces a clear distinction between Safety-related investigations and other CERN procedures (such as disciplinary procedures), which follow different objectives and fall within a different legal framework.   

The CERN Safety Rules apply to all persons under the Director General’s authority. They are available at the following link: http://www.cern.ch/safety-rules