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A message from the Medical Service on monkeypox


A small number of cases of monkeypox have recently been reported in Europe, including some in CERN’s Host States. Monkeypox is an infectious disease caused by a virus that is transmitted from animals to humans, and that can also be transmitted from human to human. It is characterised by fever, flu-like symptoms and skin lesions. Symptoms usually resolve spontaneously within 2-4 weeks, and complications are rare.

At this stage, the risk of contagion in the general population is classified as being very low by the health authorities (see this page). The HSE Unit, and in particular the Medical Service, are monitoring the development of the situation and will recommend specific measures if necessary.

If you have symptoms that may suggest monkeypox, you should isolate yourself and contact your doctor.

For more information, see the dedicated webpage on the Medical Service’s website.