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Operational Circular No. 5 (Rev.1) – Use of CERN computing facilities


Operational Circular No. 5 (Rev.1) entitled “Use of CERN computing facilities”, approved by the Director-General, is now available via the following link.

This revision cancels and replaces Operational Circular No. 5 entitled “Use of CERN computing facilities” dated October 2000.

In line with the Organization’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace, the proposed modifications, of an editorial nature only, are as follows:

  • to rephrase all articles containing “he”, “his” and “him” with gender-neutral formulations.
  • to replace all words or phrases considered outdated with words / phrasing consistent with the times and with other recently revised administrative and operational circulars.

As always, each proposed new formulation is drafted in such a way that the legal integrity and substantive intent of each article is maintained.

The revised Circular will enter into force on 1 January 2023.