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Tunnel linking the CERN sites: notice required in the event of exceptional opening

Use of the tunnel linking various parts of the CERN site is a special facility granted to the Organization by its Host States, France and Switzerland, to assist in its operations. The general principles for the use of the tunnel are laid down in agreements concluded between the Host States and between them and CERN (cf. Internal Rules CERN/DSU-DO/RH/8200). Failure to observe these rules may result in disciplinary action. 

The tunnel is open from 7.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m., Monday to Friday, excluding CERN's public holidays.

Outside the normal opening hours, members of the CERN personnel may request that the tunnel be opened exceptionally for the urgent transport of property belonging to CERN or the collaborating institutes. The request must be made to the Fire and Rescue service (tel. 74444) at least two hours before the intended time of passage through the tunnel to allow the Host State authorities to make any checks.

As with Gate E, people, goods and equipment passing through the tunnel may be subject to checks by the relevant French or Swiss authorities at any time. Members of the personnel are therefore reminded that, in addition to the transfer slip, if applicable, they must carry with them a travel document and their valid Swiss and French legitimation cards. Those who do not hold legitimation cards issued by the Host States due to the short duration of their contract with the Organization must carry with them the following documents:

  • their national identity card, if accepted by the French and Swiss regulations, or a passport (with visa(s) if required by the French and/or Swiss regulations) and
  • their blue CERN access card.

Host State Relations service

Tel. 75152