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Taking action on mobility


Director for Finance and Human Resources

Mobility is becoming a pressing concern. Let’s work together to make mobility at CERN safer, greener and more enjoyable for all

With increasing numbers of people at CERN, challenging commuting conditions across the border, numerous daily inter-site trips and surging demand for parking, mobility is becoming a pressing concern. This is why the Director-General has tasked me with looking into the issue of mobility at CERN. As a consequence, the Head of the Site Management and Buildings Department has taken up the role of CERN mobility services manager and established a CERN mobility working group. This group is looking at all aspects of mobility including safety, parking, green mobility, public transport and site access.

The working group’s activity is aligned with the general objectives set out for mobility in CERN’s 2030 Masterplan strategy, which can be summarised as follows: optimising the supply and management of CERN parking spaces; promoting alternative modes of transport; and optimising traffic safety and fluidity within and around the CERN sites.

The mobility working group is currently engaged in fact-finding with a view to presenting a mobility plan to the CERN Management. This will include an operational action list aimed at meeting these objectives by 2030. In the meantime, many actions have already been undertaken, such as the automation of CERN’s entrances, the establishment of the CERN Mobility Centre, the construction of a cycle path between the Meyrin and Prévessin sites, road marking around the site, and safety improvements for cyclists and pedestrians at CERN’s entrances. This, however, is just the beginning.

Several new ideas are already being studied, including measures to increase traffic flow at entrance E (west gate to French part of Meyrin site), the introduction of cycle paths and one-way streets on the CERN sites, the setting up of a CERN ride-sharing scheme and the installation of bicycle repair stations.

All CERN Departments, the Staff Association and ACCU are involved in this CERN-wide initiative with nominated representatives in the mobility working group. But maybe you also have good ideas to contribute to this mobility think tank? If so, now is the time to contact your representative to share ideas and discuss mobility issues. Let’s work together to make mobility at CERN safer, greener and more enjoyable for all.



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